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Exciting way to grow up ?

 Do you remember some of the best times when at an early time of your life that was just plain old fun? Let me say this that every friday after school us cousins had already thought about what we were going to do over weekend? The little oclocknee river was only 3/4 mile across the bermuda grass field and thru the woods ? By the age of 5 or 6 we were allowed to go on camping trips at our favorite swimming hole and great fishing holes as well? One weekend we was feeling friskie and adventuriously bold? When we were allowed these weekends the main requirement was take a bath in river and carry clean outfit to wear to church on sunday morning and be ready to go by the time my aunt come by to pick us up? You wonder what we ate? My grandma would pack us a sack full of cathead biscuits and fatback and a jar or 2 of homemade blackberry jelly and the rest of our food came from the fish we caught and the squirrels?    One particular sunday we decided to tie up one of younger cousins and leave him and go on to church?  My Aunt remind you believed in justice and teaching us to be truthful especially at church and when asked where Vick was we responded that he was going to come with his dad and mom? A little after we arrived at church uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth arrived and Aunt Eula asked about Vick and when they said they thought that he was with us ? All of us boys was beginning to get fidgity and almost ready to holler and tell the others that were there to pray for us? Need to say that ,that morning was one to remember? We didn’t have indoor plumbing at that time in the church ,only outhouses out back? My aunt lined us up and I almost thought she was enjoying it and I was praying  that her energy would be gone before it was my turn? Needlessly to say that morning we got some education out behind the outhouse? She has gone on to be with our Lord and I wonder if she has 5ft peach tree switches up there to welcome us when we get there?      Blessings To All!         RON.

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Things I Like To Remember !

cid_004001c61dcdecec05f06401a8c0df2fhr21.jpg                                                 All through life I have at least tried to remember the things that was beneficial to me as I grew older ! As a young boy I remember the the times that my great aunt carried all of us grandboys to church! She was one of those loving Aunts that believe in boys being boys ,although she believed that we should be taught there was a time and place for us to do our thing! Now I was raised in a Tradional Baptist church and I don’t know how She carried all 12 boys to church and managed her sanity at the same time? I do remember that she would carry about a five foot peach tree switch and she sat with us where she could reach us with it! You ask, why do I want to remember that ? It instilled in me and my cousins the other values in life that we  needed at an early years ! She had certian times of the week for us to study our bible and sunday school lesson and we had all better show up ?  One of the reasons we would all show is all of them big plate of homemade cookies with a glass of milk right out of the cow [ only cooled down ] that could touch any growing boy’s heart? My point is that all of our parents and grandparents should not neglect our opportunities to plant the seeds in our childrens hearts while they are at an early age ! If we start at an early age then we don’t have to start when they get older which causes other problems ? Grandparents I challenge you to take up the responsible jobs that your kids are not doing? Pray about it and then accept the challenges God puts on your heart ? Every child an adult should know the story of the Picture above ?  I know because I personally have had that experience ? May God Bless YOU  ?                 RON.               

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In all of the superbowls I don’t remember two accomplished quarterbacks that was in the SEC. They are young and probable remember the pressures as quarterbacks in college ! That was a great victory for Rex Grossman and Peyton  Manning for their respected teams! My prediction is the Colts and Peyton Manning, under the thoughts and suggestions of another great Quarterback { His Dad } and the rest of the staff? But I do believe that Peyton will have to play smart? My question to you is would you like to leave a prediction of the game  please feel free to do so ? It will be appreciated greatly ! Have a good week !   Ron.ritualtop.jpg

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As you can see !@#$%^&*()_+|

This is my first post and I got to get a little experience in not commenting on my own post! { laugh if you want to , it may help relieve a little stress } I promise to do a little better next time ?     RON.

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Hello world! « Effects Of Gods Love In A Journey In Your LIFE & Reminiscent Stories Of The Past?

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