Things I Like To Remember !

cid_004001c61dcdecec05f06401a8c0df2fhr21.jpg                                                 All through life I have at least tried to remember the things that was beneficial to me as I grew older ! As a young boy I remember the the times that my great aunt carried all of us grandboys to church! She was one of those loving Aunts that believe in boys being boys ,although she believed that we should be taught there was a time and place for us to do our thing! Now I was raised in a Tradional Baptist church and I don’t know how She carried all 12 boys to church and managed her sanity at the same time? I do remember that she would carry about a five foot peach tree switch and she sat with us where she could reach us with it! You ask, why do I want to remember that ? It instilled in me and my cousins the other values in life that we  needed at an early years ! She had certian times of the week for us to study our bible and sunday school lesson and we had all better show up ?  One of the reasons we would all show is all of them big plate of homemade cookies with a glass of milk right out of the cow [ only cooled down ] that could touch any growing boy’s heart? My point is that all of our parents and grandparents should not neglect our opportunities to plant the seeds in our childrens hearts while they are at an early age ! If we start at an early age then we don’t have to start when they get older which causes other problems ? Grandparents I challenge you to take up the responsible jobs that your kids are not doing? Pray about it and then accept the challenges God puts on your heart ? Every child an adult should know the story of the Picture above ?  I know because I personally have had that experience ? May God Bless YOU  ?                 RON.               


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    gordoncloud said,

    This is good encouragement, Bro. Ron.

  2. 3

    jacr02 said,

    great point daddy sure am glad you an moma tought me what i needed to know so when i got grow i would know what to do in the times of challanges an that is a great story to remember with god all things are possible

  3. 4

    kc said,

    So true Ron. I pray God will grant me wisdom as a grandparent to do just as you’ve said here.

  4. 5

    byevad said,

    Ron, I’m in no hurry to be a grandparent yet (my oldest just turned 7), but your words are very wise and I know several grandparents who work in tandem with their kids to help the little ones know God. I also know a few grandparents who have taken on the full responsibility of raising their grandchildren in the faith because the parents don’t. I hope that when it becomes my turn, I fall in the former camp!

    God bless.

  5. 6

    rrbj said,

    Bro. Gordon-Brett- KC- Byevad thanks for the comments ! Byevad I had the priveledge to see the Holy spirit work thru my grandkids which I carried to Sunday School and Church for about 2 years . About 6 months ago their mom and stepdad started attending church and about 2 months ago their granny started attending church? My grandkids are thrilled to go to church with them? Although I miss them every sunday and they go with me every now and them I am just plain old proud of them ? Blessings RON.

  6. 7

    donna said,

    Stopped over from Dana’s…
    her post and your comment on love made me tear…
    just wanted to stop by and say hello…
    am glad to meet you.
    have a blessed day

  7. 8

    rrbj said,

    Thanks Donna for stopping by , you are welcome anytime . Blessings to you ! Ron.

  8. 9

    Terry said,

    Oh amazing grace man
    Who would have ever thought that this post would happen to you?
    Here you are raising two grand kids and a grandpaw who created a blog for the John three sixteen boy, Cole and planting the good seed not only into your children’s heart but also into the hearts of your grandkids!
    You ARE an amazing faithful man!…Love Terry

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