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Story of Pinetree Crosses?

Most of you all know the story of “The Footprints In The Sand” and the story about “The Dogwood Tree”  where the story says that God put a curse on the dogwood tree because the dogwood grew straight and tall and the People used a dogwood tree for the Cross To Crucify Jesus!    Go to this Url  and read about another story that is expressing about the crosses that pinetrees allways start growing crosses about 3 weeks before Easter Sunday?  I don’t know but I think  God  gave us a Sign in his beautifull creation and reminder why we have Easter Sunday?    Have a Blessed  weekend?    Ron. 


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Heavenly Home

I often have wondered or thought about our heavenly home and wondered if it was going to be like the gospel songs and church songs that say The streets are lined with gold! I hope that I will surely make it to Heaven when my toes are finally turned up ?I am convinced that God knows my heart inside out! I know that I am not a high maintenance type of individual and happy with just my needs and I don’t have to have all the gold that is in Heaven just a nice little homey place like is in this picture? Then I think again could it be that I don’t deserve some place that beautiful , but since I am not hard to please then I will take anything I can get?What might your thoughts be of what Heaven is going to be like ?     Blessings to you and if we don’t get a chance to meet here on earth may we meet in Heaven!       RON.            Ps- I had in mind with this thought of this picture that all of my good friends could go fishing with me or would that come under the selfish traits that We have on this earth  ! Read the rest of this entry »

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Find Humility In Our Master


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What do you see in this picture of our Master? To me He gave up his life to save me and you , and there is so many ill feelings in our world against a believer, whether it is debating which doctrine or the way you should worship GOD ! I believe if you at the best you can do in living The commandments that Our Master laid before us and give the respect to other denominations we would have a better world  to live in ? I’ve read some blogs that are a pure disgrace with the man made religeous thoughts and what they believe in ? Many folks talk down on a Tradionalist but it has carried me through many trials simply because I believed in Gods Word from a little guy untill my present age ? Gods Word is just as good today as it was in the old days ! I hope ya’ll don’t think bad of me as a goody two shoes for posting this because in the last couple of weeks , from reading other blogs that it was on my mind and I wanted to get it off ? Having said all this I send all my love that I can spare to all ?           RON.

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Important Information

As you most have heard we are going to have an early spring since Mr Groundhog predicted we would? I am quietly introducing a new and efficient Hot Dog Cooker and please leave contact information of how many you would like to reserve for your family !   Thanks ?  BY THE WAY YOU CAN VIEW NEW COOKER BY CLICKING ON THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER OF PAGE HEADER  !         RON.

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Redneck Technology ?


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Interesting Redneck Technology.

                                                      You all have read stories about Southern Rednecks but Don’t under estimate their ability .If you need the specifications to update just leave your contact information.  Have a good day?      Ron.

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