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As you most have heard we are going to have an early spring since Mr Groundhog predicted we would? I am quietly introducing a new and efficient Hot Dog Cooker and please leave contact information of how many you would like to reserve for your family !   Thanks ?  BY THE WAY YOU CAN VIEW NEW COOKER BY CLICKING ON THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER OF PAGE HEADER  !         RON.


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  1. 1

    Beverly said,

    Hi, Ron,
    I left a comment on the picture of the cooker.

  2. 2

    rrbj said,

    Thanks for the input Beverly ,have a blessed day. Ron.

  3. 3

    Milly said,

    I’ve got a few of these. Please don’t try the plastic ones they put out a lot of smoke. 😉

  4. 4

    rrbj said,

    Thanks for dropping by , enjoy your posts over at your place! Ron.

  5. 5

    rrbj said,

    Sorry about leaving your name off Milly, one of them senoir moments struck at the time I was typing ! Ron.

  6. 6

    jel said,

    Morning Grandpaw!
    hope you are well !

    have a great weekend 🙂

  7. 7

    Dana said,

    Hey, I didn’t ck out the hot dog cooker cause I don’t eat hotdogs, but thought I would drop in and see what is going on!!

  8. 8

    rrbj said,

    Janice & Dana glad ya’ll dropped by , I enjoy your blogs as well! Blessings ! Ron.

  9. 9

    rrbj said,

    The photo of the new hotdog cooker got misplaced but if you leave me a comment to look at it I will be glad to post it again ? Thanks for being patient ? Ron.

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