What do you see in this picture of our Master? To me He gave up his life to save me and you , and there is so many ill feelings in our world against a believer, whether it is debating which doctrine or the way you should worship GOD ! I believe if you at the best you can do in living The commandments that Our Master laid before us and give the respect to other denominations we would have a better world  to live in ? I’ve read some blogs that are a pure disgrace with the man made religeous thoughts and what they believe in ? Many folks talk down on a Tradionalist but it has carried me through many trials simply because I believed in Gods Word from a little guy untill my present age ? Gods Word is just as good today as it was in the old days ! I hope ya’ll don’t think bad of me as a goody two shoes for posting this because in the last couple of weeks , from reading other blogs that it was on my mind and I wanted to get it off ? Having said all this I send all my love that I can spare to all ?           RON.


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    Dana said,

    You stated, God’s word is as good today as it was in the old days. Amen! God’s Word has all the answers and of course It’s about Him, He is the Word and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Great post Ron, enjoyed coming to your blog will be back

  2. 2

    kc said,

    Brother Ron,

    I hope you have not been offended in any of the discussions at my site. I hope that all there can always know they are free to share and discuss their understanding without fear of condemnation but I also know that the potential for offense is great in that.

    I really appreciate your heart in this post. It is far too easy to fail in our love for one another because of some difference in our understanding. Pride seems to find a stronghold very quickly in these debates.

    May God bless you brother and guard us all in these things.


  3. 3

    rrbj said,

    Thanks for stopping by ! Dana thats my point, Its all about Him! Bro. KC I will say that If I was offended on your blog I would respect you enough to just back off ! I guess I just put all of the bad comments that I have read from all of the blogs and I can’t understand why people can’t respect OUR MASTER and not post the bad comments they do ? It just upset me when my 11 year old reads the blogs and asks me why people say what they do ? Blessings and Hope you have a nice weekend ! Ron.

  4. 4

    rrbj said,

    KC , I meant to say Grandson , which is 11 years old ! I guess a senoir moment just got me ? LOL Ron.

  5. 5

    donna said,

    God’s word is as good today as it was in the old days. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am searching His word to get back to those truths…..appreciate your visits…sorry I seem glum..but like I said, I know He will pull me through it…Blessings to you

  6. 6

    gordoncloud said,

    Bro. Ron, I appreciate your heart in this. God’s Word will always be sufficient for what we need, spiritually.

  7. 7

    Tim A. Blankenship said,

    You keep looking to God and His Word. He will never fail to uphold His Word, and He will lift you up in it as well.
    Great words.
    Thank you.

  8. 8

    rrbj said,

    Thanks Bro. Blankenship for the kind words ! Have a blessed Sunday! Ron.

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