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Amazing Grace !

Wishing everybody a happy weekend ! I am going to my three kids , mothers family reunion today ! Yep you read it right and I have gone for the last 16 years ! We have been divorced for about 23 years? Usually when couples that were married for 23 1/2 years tend to leave bitter thoughts  among family members but that is not the case with us ? What I am trying to say here is that parents that divorce should  not involve their children whatsoever because it leaves bad scars in their kids mind that tend to ruin their childrens lives also? I have been married twice and in both situations we kept a relationship that involved our kids and today we can gather at each others respective places not only at family reunions but birthdays or any special activities that involve our kids and grandkids! If the parents would consider the things I have wrote today then it would show The Amazing Grace that God will instill in your hearts if you trust Him and have faith ? Visit this url and turn up volume – ! And then visit this url and plant garden. ! Ithought I might throw this one in for KC and Corry to inform them in future what to expect while enjoying that new grandbaby little Kc –  ! Enjoy your Lords Day Sunday and Blessings to all.     Ron.


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Gods Amazing Grace?

I would like to share some of the roadblocks in my life! I was taught from an early age about Gods love but over the years it never meant as much as it does in the last 10 years? You know it with a doubt that I like most people knew it was there but only activated it at my convenience? I have been disabled the last 4-1/2 years with degenerative and rheumatoid arthritis ? When my doctor told me about 4 years ago that there would be nothing that the doctors can do to fix my lower lumbar because the x-rays showed no structure , in short nothing to work with to rebuild! Edema in my right leg added to my problems and swelling was in controll of my right leg! With all the information that was given to me I decided I was no good for society? On May 16th 2004 I had full intentions to rid myself from all earthly things because I had pain 24/7 for a straight 5 and 1/2 months and impatience had taken over? The night of may 16th my choice, God took away from me and gave me new life because the last time I remember before I went to sleep was 3 thirty am on the morning of the 17th of may! I was woke up at 10 thirty am by my youngest sister ! I had not been able to sleep but maybe an hour at the most by leaning on the back of a chair because I couldn’t sleep any other way but I knew when I woke up THAT HELP WAS ON THE WAY IN THE FORM OF GODS AMAZING GRACE ! I had no pain what so ever and still don’t, and my sister asked me why my shotgun was laying by my chair ?? My experience that night is one I’ll never forget  ! It made My faith and trust on a scale of one to ten go up to a ten from that day forward ? I have shared that with all the persons that read this with the same problems in their lives and pray that you will never give up no matter how bad it is ? I am proud that God loved me that much ? I want to share another experience that God blessed me with yesterday! About one and a half years ago I started telling God that I accept my condition as is but to please give me the ability to at least not to be totally disabled what I mean is to let me be able to at least do my grocery shopping and to visit my mom and go to church? My friends God has supplied all my needs plus many other blessings ? Yesterday marks almost one year that we moved in to our new church building and from where I park my car to our Sunday School room  is about 300 ft and I never was able to walk with my cane barely 50 ft without giving out and stopping to let my legs catch up with me ! All the men tried to get me to ride in the wheel chair but my pride would not let me because I remember the story when Jesus went up the hill to Galgotha to be crucified and no one helped him? Yep yesterday the 25th of march 2007 God answered another prayer and gave me strength to walk the distance from my car to my Sunday School Room without my cane? If you was able to read all of this post I encourage you to join in with me in praising GOD and HIS AMAZING GRACE ? I thank all my christain blogger  friends for all the Love of God that you share each day on your blogspot !     Blessings to each of you !       Ron.

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Easter Greetings ?

As everybody knows Easter is only 3 weeks away! Have you ever noticed the little children get excited about Easter Sunday because they get pretty new outfits to wear to church and get to hunt Easter eggs ? I know that the little ones don’t comprehend about the real meaning of Easter Sunday? I wish all the parents would start telling the story of Jesus and what He had to do with Easter Sunday at least 3 weeks before Easter Sunday? They will understand more than we think they do ? I urge all parents and grandparents to tell Jesus’ story so that our little ones can learn at an early age?Wishing every one a happy and Blessed Easter Sunday! I know it is a little early for Easter Greetings but turn up volume and listen to this one . Click on this url and enjoy?      Ron.

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Gods Love!

This is a correction for my last post Sorry it caused an inconvenience !  Click on this url to view ?  Thanks Ron.

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Gods Love !

I have mentioned in a couple of comments this week talking about our revival! It has been a blessed week and a inspiring week of messages that were heard ?It is always a blessing to hear a good old southern Baptist preacher that preaches the truth of the Bible ? Bro. Ken Cloud ,[Cameron’s and Gordon’s Dad] stepped on my toes and that wasn’t enough , then He started to stepping on my foots ! Kinda reminded me of the old Time Gospel Preachers ? In fact some of our members tried to shorten the length of preaching time by feeding him to much supper but he didn’t let that interfere , so we would get him a glass of water and one of our members got him a glass half the size, but that didn’t work either! Sounds like I’m complaning don’t it ! I’m NOT ! I am just saying that we had a week of good preaching and one that a lot of hearts that got renewed in Gods Spirit? I thank God for His Blessings this week! If you have time click on this url rose.htm  and enjoy?  Then click on this url and go grocery shopping  and enjoy?    Blessings to all!    Ron.

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Another Story Of My Past!

As for back as I can remember in my life was 4 years old? I know that some folks will say anyone cain’t remember that far back! My Grandaddy migrated out of the Blueridge mountains around 1900’s! He and other relatives lived above Roswell Ga. He then bought all the land that he owned and which he gave 3 tracts to 3 of his children! I say all this to mention an elderly gentleman that owned 20 acres next to my Grandaddy’s who lived by himself ? All of my cousins and me used to try to understand him?He was a self contained type of a man! He had only distant relatives that visited about every 5 years! He lived in a log cabin and all of his adjacent outside buildings were made of log structure? He grew his vegetables and his peas and beans which he would wait untill they dried on vines and then stored them as dryed beans and peas to last all year? He planted about 17 acres of corn which he fattened his hogs and beef on which he used a smokehouse to cure his meat! He would buy his 5 pigs and 2 steers from my Granddaddy! He could make some good country Hams and Beef jerky? One of my uncles or my Grandaddy would carry him to town to get what supplies he needed about every 3 months! He had his own well which he drew his water from.  He had no electricity and we used to ask him about a drink of icewater and he would tell us we didn’t need ice?He had only oil lamps in his cabin and the old saying that some of us have heard  ” that they go to bed with the chickens ” was true about this man? He could make a fiddle talk and sing and about dusk dark you could hear him playing his fiddle just about every day ! We used to invite him to church all the time and he would always say thanks but God had already given him his little part of heaven! I have always thought about whether he made it to heaven?  He lived acording to his calculations to be 93 years old? When he died every body never thought that he was worth anything and his distant relative sold his 20 acres which another farm next to him bought 18 acres and another guy bought the other 2 acres which he tore down all the log structures and built another home in its place! While tearing down the log cabin this guy found $56,000 dollars which he could not locate his relatives to share with them ? I tell this story to ask , do you have a plan for your life as this man did? I mentioned about him going to church and wondered if he made it to heaven? I believe that God supplied his needs ! What may be your thoughts ? In your spare time turn up volume and listen to this url that shares some of our heritage ?  Blessings to all.  and have a blessed sunday?    Ron.

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