Gods Amazing Grace?

I would like to share some of the roadblocks in my life! I was taught from an early age about Gods love but over the years it never meant as much as it does in the last 10 years? You know it with a doubt that I like most people knew it was there but only activated it at my convenience? I have been disabled the last 4-1/2 years with degenerative and rheumatoid arthritis ? When my doctor told me about 4 years ago that there would be nothing that the doctors can do to fix my lower lumbar because the x-rays showed no structure , in short nothing to work with to rebuild! Edema in my right leg added to my problems and swelling was in controll of my right leg! With all the information that was given to me I decided I was no good for society? On May 16th 2004 I had full intentions to rid myself from all earthly things because I had pain 24/7 for a straight 5 and 1/2 months and impatience had taken over? The night of may 16th my choice, God took away from me and gave me new life because the last time I remember before I went to sleep was 3 thirty am on the morning of the 17th of may! I was woke up at 10 thirty am by my youngest sister ! I had not been able to sleep but maybe an hour at the most by leaning on the back of a chair because I couldn’t sleep any other way but I knew when I woke up THAT HELP WAS ON THE WAY IN THE FORM OF GODS AMAZING GRACE ! I had no pain what so ever and still don’t, and my sister asked me why my shotgun was laying by my chair ?? My experience that night is one I’ll never forget  ! It made My faith and trust on a scale of one to ten go up to a ten from that day forward ? I have shared that with all the persons that read this with the same problems in their lives and pray that you will never give up no matter how bad it is ? I am proud that God loved me that much ? I want to share another experience that God blessed me with yesterday! About one and a half years ago I started telling God that I accept my condition as is but to please give me the ability to at least not to be totally disabled what I mean is to let me be able to at least do my grocery shopping and to visit my mom and go to church? My friends God has supplied all my needs plus many other blessings ? Yesterday marks almost one year that we moved in to our new church building and from where I park my car to our Sunday School room  is about 300 ft and I never was able to walk with my cane barely 50 ft without giving out and stopping to let my legs catch up with me ! All the men tried to get me to ride in the wheel chair but my pride would not let me because I remember the story when Jesus went up the hill to Galgotha to be crucified and no one helped him? Yep yesterday the 25th of march 2007 God answered another prayer and gave me strength to walk the distance from my car to my Sunday School Room without my cane? If you was able to read all of this post I encourage you to join in with me in praising GOD and HIS AMAZING GRACE ? I thank all my christain blogger  friends for all the Love of God that you share each day on your blogspot !     Blessings to each of you !       Ron.


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  1. 1

    kc said,

    What an amazing testimony Bro. Ron! Praise God for His great providence! May He continue to work through you in a mighty way!

  2. 2

    Corry said,

    Praise The Lord!
    God’s grace and mercy are more then we deserve, but He loves us so much!!!!

    Brother Ron, Thank you so much for this wonderful encouraging testimony! I have and am trying to encourage all those with RA and arthritis-related diseases and I too have been greatly blessed by Him, but yours is by far the most wonderful blessing I have heard off and read! I will put up a link to this post on my blog, if you allow. The more people we can reach, the better. And if it would help to only lead one to The Lord, then I would be so grateful.

    May you be blessed even more.

    God’s Grace.

  3. 3

    rrbj said,

    Thanks KC and Corry for visiting and the thoughts! KC when all this happened to me out of the clear blue I will admit I had many questions that I sought after from God? I was able to work 40 to 60 hours a week as an electrician and I felt like my world was destroyed? Corry if you want to post a link on your blog feel free to because if It will help others I’m all for it? That blessing I received yesterday was way better than possum gravy and Ga sweet taters and collard greens ? Blessings. Ron.

  4. 4

    Tony Sisk said,

    Bro Ron,

    This is a wonderful and encouraging testimony. There is a lady in the church I serve who has a horrible case of RA. Everyday of her life is a struggle and the pain in her hands and wrists is unbearable. She has very little usage of her hands. It is good to hear of someone who has nearly defeated it by the grace of our sovereign Lord. He still works miracles, amen?

    God bless you!

  5. 5

    Gordon Cloud said,

    Bro. Ron, I appreciate you sharing this so much. It blessed me when you told me about it yesterday and then it blessed me again when I read it just now.

    It is so wonderful to see God’s amazing grace at work in your life.

  6. 6

    amycloud said,

    God bless you, Bro. Ron. This post is an amazing testimony of God’s Grace. He always gives us so much more than we deserve. I know this post will be a blessing to many people. We are so glad for your friendship.

  7. 7

    rrbj said,

    Bro. Tony when I woke up Sunday Morning I sensed a feeling I had never felt before . You know the feelings when you go some where and you think you forgot to do something important, The feeling I had was great because It was easier to walk and get my 1st cup of coffee and I imeadiately thank God. Bro. Gordon I felt so good that I was trying to put a little skip in my walk. Thanks AMY I am proud to be a member of the family of God and at PPBC. God is good to us all! Blessings. Ron.

  8. 8

    Terry said,

    Dear Ron…I am glad that you have nice weather where you are. I will not even wish on you any snow. You NEED the good weather with your having to be careful when you walk..
    Do you walk iwtrh a cane?
    It took my mom the longest time to accept that she just HAD to and now I think she kind of likes it because there are so many young people that rush to help her out and there is nothing that my mother loves miore than young people!

    Well I haven’t got ahold of that Noel Lewis yet to put your name in my favorites, so what I did, I just got your blog from clicking i yoru name in my comments!
    Of course I DID take a trip up to Jel’s but that little sunbeam is no where to be found!

    In my favoirite list, Ron there is a lady called “Sunshine and Shadow”.
    It would be nice if you paid Sabine a visit. She has a lot of pain too and I am sure that you would be an encourgament…seeing as you know what pain is all about!.

    Have a good week, my Georgia from Terry

  9. 10

    pia said,

    just came from corry’s. thank you for sharing this. if God can do that for His son, i believe He can do a miracle too for His daughter. thank you for encouraging me through your life’s testimony.

    God bless always.

  10. 11

    rrbj said,

    Terry thanks and I will visit Sunshine and Shadow and yes I still carry my cane around with me because since Sunday’s experience I have been doing as much walking without my cane to now try and build my strength up in my legs where I want need my cane! Iwill say that it took me the longest time to ride the electric carts at wallmarts because of my pride? Milly thanks for the visit and you are sure welcome ! Pia thanks for dropping by and it seems to me up to about a year and half ago when I truly in my heart accepted my physical condition and prayed to God that He just grant me the three things that I asked for in my post because I like many others more or less demanded I get my wishes? That don’t work with God and after all that He has done for you and me He deserves respect and love in return ! Just be patient and let Him work in your life He will bless you ! Ron.

  11. 12

    Beverly said,

    Hi, Ron, thanks for your visit today. I am weeping as I read your testimony. I thank God that he has given you this strength. And it is all about his amazing grace, isn’t it.

  12. 13

    rrbj said,

    Thanks for visiting Beverly, And to think back what I went thru in that 5-1/2 months was all by myself only had my baby sister come check on me just about everyday ! The pain medicine they gave me was powerful but didn’t take pain away? That is why I am so thankful ! On the night of May 16th 2oo4 God assured me that He is for real even tho I didn’t deserve His Love and Concern for me ! Blessings. Ron.

  13. 14

    Dana said,

    I have missed reading your blog and posting, I have been sick and have now almost recovered completely. I had the flu. So now I come here and what happens, you touched my heart and made me cry. Our God is so amazing, He is an ever present help in time of need. God Bless you Ron, thanks for your encouraging words.

  14. 15

    rrbj said,

    Thanks for visiting Dana and I didn’t mean to make you cry but as long as they were tears of joy ? I usually don’t write about me but God gave me the blessing to be able to walk a little without my cane and I wanted to share His Amazing Grace with everybody! I know it will be a little while before I maybe lay it down ! I was reminded that today in my backyard ? Blessing to you! Ron.

  15. 16

    Terry said,

    Hello “Amazing Grace” Man…Hope all is well with you and thank you so much for visiting my friend, Sabine…You and Cory..That was so nice!

    Guess what Ron? Yesterday was just like sprng and just as we were enjoying it, today came in real cool like.

    Today my sister, Betty and I lost our jobs and although I am very hurt and disappointed, I just told the Lord that I will go back to working for Him!.. I never had an outside of the house job for 25 years of our marriage. The last ten years I have worked..
    I used to busy myself with visiting the hospitals and elderly shut-ins, so I will just go back to that. It is far better working for the Lord. He is such a kind master whereas working for a business, people can be so unkind and cruel.!!

    Take care my dear friend and as I always say to Sabine, I hope that your days will be pain free…From the weather complaining Southern Ontario in the north girl..Terry

  16. 17

    audrey` said,

    Hi Ron

    Popped over from Corry’s.

    Praise The Lord!
    He is a God of miracles =)
    Take care.

  17. 18

    donna said,

    Your testimony blesses me……..
    thank you for sharing…
    and thank you for your kindness
    in reading my blog….and being a
    brother in Christ…


  18. 19

    rrbj said,

    Terry I am sorry you lost your job but sometimes it is one of our unkown blessings! Wishing you all good weather , It is what you would call perfect weather down here with a 55 /86 split about everyday? I have learned a lot about having patience in last 5 years And yesterday out in my backyard I let ignorance caught up with me and I found myself haveing to get up off the ground not once but twice ? I’m ok no broke bones ! Thanks for dropping by Audry, You have a nice blog to ? I like to visit other christain blogs it gives me pleasure to read them ! Donna its good to see you and I always enjoy your poetry . Thanks for them kind words and just be proud of who you are and keep on your journey in life! Gods blessing to all of you! Ron.

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