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Mister Ron.

667944591207_0_bg.jpgI am posting the last picture for awhile of my family ! I saved the best for last cause now I’ll find out just who my friends were ?Janice called me ornery the other day but she had it mixed up with the word mischevious ! You see I’ve got to much extra time on my hands ? But I enjoy my good friends in blogworld especially Janice ?     Blessings.    Ron.  Just left click on picture to view full size .          

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Brett and Shelia !

806164591207_0_bg.jpg    This is a picture of my son Brett and his wife Shelia? Brett is a truck driver and Shelia travels with him ! HE is 37years young ! Every body acuses him of being  just like his Dad  [ I’m kinda glad ] cause I had in mind for Him to carry on his Dad’s legacy and He’s doing pretty good at it already ? I’m saving the best picture for last and then I got to download one of Denise and Her husband and little boy !

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Jeff and Rhonda .

395324591207_0_bg.jpgThis is a picture of Jeff [ my son-inlaw] married to Rhonda ! They live in Upstate New York at Fort Drum ! Jeff is supposed to retire later this year unless Uncle Sam decides different !

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885324591207_0_bg.jpgWhitney is my oldest grand daughter, [ Rhonda’s Daughter ] Who is married to a marine who is stationed at Camp Pendleton ? She is 20 years young !

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Andrew !

This is a picture of Rhonda’s son , my oldest grandson Andrew who is 22years young ! can you see any resemblence ? The other picture is Rhonda’s daughter , my oldest grand daughter who is married to a marine stationed at camp Pendleton ?She is 20 years young ?385324591207_0_bg.jpg

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Reunion Pictures !

996164591207_0_bg.jpgA few weeks back I went to a reunion that was for my kids  , mothers family reunion ! The next couple blogs I will post pictures ? This picture is one of my 2 daughters ! Denise is on the left and Rhonda is on the right ! Denise is the one that has been in Army  for 13+years ?                                          

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Mans Best Friend !

Why is it so hard for us to under stand Gods love and how much it would improve our relationships ? This is a picture where a boy and his hound is on the same page and it starts with Gods love in the little guy and his heart and he shares it with his hound ? But at the same time his hound connects with his little masters heart ! Look at the expression on his hounds face ? God created dog to be a companion with man and the love and respect they have for one another is definitly in Gods plans for us ! The joy that is created between man and dog can certainly be created between man and his brethern in everyday life if everyone made a little effort to try to find the only ” free thing ” that is left in this world and that is Gods free Grace ?  [ KC you just got to find little KC a hound ? ] Blessings to all and have a blessed Sunday !     Ron.cid_002401c7754818769c30730311acyour588b4a13ea.jpg

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