Mister Ron.

667944591207_0_bg.jpgI am posting the last picture for awhile of my family ! I saved the best for last cause now I’ll find out just who my friends were ?Janice called me ornery the other day but she had it mixed up with the word mischevious ! You see I’ve got to much extra time on my hands ? But I enjoy my good friends in blogworld especially Janice ?     Blessings.    Ron.  Just left click on picture to view full size .          


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  1. 1

    janice said,

    hey ya kown, that you have called yourself that before!
    Buddy 😉 Friend!

  2. 2

    Corry said,

    Ron, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family with us. It’s an honor and a pleasure to “meet” and see them. They all seem to be wonderful people.

    Yep, the last was definitely worth waiting for!
    And your grand-“babies” are just as beautiful as ours is (I know you don’t agree, hahaha).

    Have a very blessed weekend, brother.

    God’s Grace.

  3. 3

    rrbj said,

    Morning Janice [ my adopted friend ] and Corry glad you all stopped by ! Corry I still got to get some more grandkids pictures together and I will post them then ! I like to be mischevious and get arguments started about my beautiful grandkids ? I usually visit the Flowers discount bread store every wednesday the 10% off day and usually they are several senoir citizens in there and all I have to say is something about my grandkids are the most beautiful and I get several arguments started imeadately ? By the time I get ready to leave everybody is always laughing and one day one lady got upset about because she declared hers was the prettiest , her husband asked me when was I going to come back because that was the most excited He had seen her in a couple of years ? Blessing to ya’ll and have a good weekend ! Ron.

  4. 4

    Terry said,

    Ha!! you HAVE saved the best for the last amazing grace man!!
    It almost looks like you guys are having a summer picnic at St George’s Park here in sunny Welland!!
    I see you guys are drinking coke.
    Don’t you know that we are living in the pepsi generation these days?

    All of the pictures that you posted were really good but is that all you have?

    Thank you for the email you sent today. I will try and answer it when I have a couple of minutes!!

    Have a great weekend!……From Terry

  5. 5

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry thanks for the kind words! We were at one of the family members house , He has about a five acre yard and they put up a big tent covering ! They were about 200 in attendence that day ? Yep that coke can belonged to my grand son ! I was drinking one of them new fusion fruit drinks with no sugar and carbs in it ? I have more pictures with grandkids but I got to get them together. Blessings and have a good weekend ! Ron.

  6. 6

    Terry said,

    Yes, I guess it is pretty hard getting all those grandkid pictures together Ron..
    I am having no end of trouble getting my cats and dogs together for the blog posting I will be making.
    Do you think that you can send me over your little doggie for a few days?
    Don’t tell anybody but I want to make a posting called “Raining Cats and “Dawgs”!
    I have only two dogs friends to my name!

    Have a good one Grandpaw!…From Terry

  7. 7

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry , I guess I’ll have to tell everyone not to read your comment cause you doing a post named ” Raining Cats and Dogs ” . Any one who reads this just ignore these comments ? But I’ll try to get a picture of princess and send to you ! Please everyone don’t read comment number 6 and 7 cause I’m not supposed to tell anyone about Terry posting a post named ” Raining Cats And Dogs ” cause I’ll get in trouble ! Blessings to you and Bernie ! Ron.

  8. 8

    Terry said,

    You are one bad boy Ron, Grandpa, amazing grace man!
    I will never tell you “Mom’s the word” anymore, but I weill certainly tell everyone that if they want to keep a secret, “Ron” is definately NOT the word!!!!…..from Terry….Grrrr…..

    I will be looking for the arrivial of Princess!

  9. 9

    rrbj said,

    Terry I was only trying to protect The statement you made in comment #6 ? I am a fine upstanding citizen and a asset to my community and church ? We don’t want to get any rumors started ? Blessings . Ron.

  10. 10

    amycloud said,

    Great pictures, Ron. We have enjoyed them and all the good fun in the comments section. Have a great day.

  11. 11

    rrbj said,

    Amy thanks. I do enjoy reading all the blogs ! I do receive a blessing from them ! Blessings. Ron.

  12. 12

    Tony Sisk said,

    Splendid pix, Ron. You seem to be very proud of your family. They are a blessing, aren’t they?

    I have four little girls and I am expecting number five, a BOY! Prayerfully he won’t be spoiled rotten, but with five little mommas, he probably will be.

    Again, thanks for the great pix. I have enjoyed getting to know you through the blog.

  13. 13

    Terry said,

    Dear Ron..I keep putting off writing another posting.
    I am such a procrastinator at times.
    I am trying to gather all the cats and dogs up and as it is going to rain today..this should be the day that I make the plunge and write that posting!
    Could you spare Princess for the day and email her???
    Let me know….From Terry

  14. 14

    rrbj said,

    Thanks Bro. Tony I am proud of my family and I still got some more grandkids to post when I get them together ? I have enjoyed getting acquainted with you also ! Terry I will see if I can ! Blessings . Ron.

  15. 15

    Terry said,

    That Princess arrvived in some grouchy mood!!
    I guess Grandpaw taught her all she knows about that just as he taught YOU!!
    Anyways once she got here and breathed in all that refreshing Canadian air, she was a new doggie.
    Her and Adi and Vincent are out tonight, gathering up some more guests.
    I told her that she can forget about any curfew that her daddy has for her.
    She is in Canada now and we are far more lenient!…from Terry

  16. 16

    rrbj said,

    Terry when you send her back I’ll have to discipline he again ? Her curfew time is 11:00 every night ? The reason she was grouchy was because I told her to be careful that the women in Canada was mean ? I think she was just straightening you out from the get-go untill she found out that you would give her a little attention ? And you must be careful that she is in good company cause I don’t let her associate with just anybody ? She has a reputation to protect ? By the way she likes to sing Amazing Grace early every morning and If she acts figedity that means she wants to sing Jesus Love Me ? I’m telling you all this cause I’m doing the best I can , you must know how hard it is to raise children these days ? Blessings to Bernie. Ron.

  17. 17

    Terry said,

    Gee I don’t really know about raising children amazing grace man, seeing as i
    never did have any so if my rules are just a bit lax, you will just have to understand,eh?
    Now about that Princess singing those songs, I must say that I will thoroughly enjoy THAT.
    As to her companions here, you must surely know that Adi would not be bringing me just any old cat or dog!
    Vincent would not allow that either, so there are no worries there but, maybe I should be worried about that Princess..I really haven’t know her dad that long!
    I mean, really..What kind of charater is he???
    Well we will see!!!..from one mean Canadian lady…Terry

  18. 18

    rrbj said,

    Terry my charactor stands for itself , I already told you that I’m a good outstanding asset to my community and church ? I will wait and see if you are correct about Adi because Princess always tells me every thing ? By the way I left out some instructions for Princess ? She likes to snack on carrot sticks about 3:00 oclock in afternoon [ sorry no dressing she likes them plain ] and about 7:30 oclock in the evening she always eats a golden delicious apple with me ? That is quality time we have together sitting on my front porch every day ? I plead with you , you had not better treat her bad ??? Blessings. Ron.

  19. 19

    Terry said,

    Don’t worry amazing grace man,,,I will not treat her bad because it seems that with all this crowd over here, I haven’t got the time to treaty ANY of them bad!

    On my way to prayer meeting now.
    I’m not picking my mom up as she has been not feeling too well for a few days…
    Catch youl later!
    Don’t worry about the princess. Too bad that she will be missing the Queen’s visit to the United States!…from Terry

  20. 20

    Beverly said,

    Hi, Ron, thanks for posting the photos of your family. That’s a good photo of you too. I made it safely home to Florida. My computer was ailing when I got home, and I have just gotten back online..

  21. 21

    rrbj said,

    Terry don’t forget about princess’s carrots and her apple every day ? Beverly good to hear from you and glad you got back safely! I’m glad you got your computer going again and that Ella is a doll ? Blessings to both of you . Ron.

  22. 22

    Terry said,

    Aw Ron, I haven’t a raw carrot in the house!!
    SO sorry!!
    Would Princess settle for canned peas and carrots?
    I will just pick out the peas and give Princess the carrots.
    As I am a person who doesn’t like to waste anything, I wiil give the peas to Adi…
    Vincent can lap up the juice!
    Alas!! I only have red delicious apples, but what I can do about that..
    I will just peel it and Princess won’t know the difference.
    After all they are the same shape.
    Adi can have the apple peelings for dessert!

    There you go!!
    Problem solved!………….from Terry

  23. 23

    rrbj said,

    Terry you promised you would take good care of Princess and if she don’t like red delicious apples she will go and hide ??? There is a difference in taste and flavor ??? And I bet she is confused about them carrots too!!!??? She loves them fresh carrot sticks from Zaxby’s chicken place ? You had better hide your cell phone cause I told her to call me day or night if anything went wrong and I bet she has already tried !!! That explains the unknown number that showed up last night ??? If you miss treat her I’ll call the abuse people ??? Have a nice day . Ron.

  24. 24

    Terry said,

    Well I am telling YOU Ron that that Princess made an error and got two of those names wrong and if this keep happening, I just might get my cell phone out of hiding and just let her use it!!
    Never mind the carrot sticks OR the red apples..she is getting bread and water tonight…and no dessert!!.

    That’s what I get for hiring a seceretary soley by her looks!!

    Never mind calling the abuse people either.
    We are on different sides of hte border,eh?
    Ha!..Even Judge Judy won’t be able to help out the poor pooch!!…Terry

  25. 25

    rrbj said,

    Terry I can’t picture her making that mistake because she has always been perfect ? That’s all it would take for a ticket back home ? I’m warning you she will retalliate and she gets as mean as them Canadian Women when things don’t go her way !!! That’s how she gets her way cause she is so pretty ??? I contacted Judge Judy and she agreed with what you said ? She told me I could sneak across the border and get her if necessary ? Tell princess I miss her ? Blessings. Ron.

  26. 26

    Terry said,

    Oh THAT must be why Princess is cryiing!!
    She misses her dear old dad!
    Don’t worry..Adi will soon be bringing her home!…from Terry

    Did you get the picture in the email I sent you, Ron? Let me know, OK?

    God’s blessings on you…Bernie and Terry

  27. 27

    rrbj said,

    Terry yep I got email ! Princess called her uncle Brett last night and told him she didn’t know what was going on and He had to confort Her , and she begged Him not to tell Her Daddy cause it would upset Him ??? He wouldn’t tell me everything but If it is that bad I might take Judge Judy’s advice ???? Blessings. Ron.

  28. 28

    Terry said,

    Oh no she didn’t. Tell me it is not so!!
    I will have to find out what that call cost and I will be sending that young miss home with the bill!
    Even if she reversed the charges to uncle Bett, it would STILL cost me 30 cents a minute!!..from Terry

    PS..Ha!! That Judge Judy sure does do some fearsome cases about cell phone charges, eh?

  29. 29

    rrbj said,

    Don’t send me the phone bill you was the one that invited her ? HA! HA. Judge Judy is always on the side of senoir citizens ?? By the way her Uncle Brett said she talked 2 hours ???? Later. Ron.

  30. 30

    Terry said,

    Dear amazing grace man…Have a blessed Sunday…Love Bernie and Terry and Shopping News and Priincess!

  31. 31

    dana said,

    awesome picture, you all look so happy, truly God has blessed you, thank you so much for sharing these pictures!!

  32. 32

    rrbj said,

    Terry I still miss princess ! Take care of her and return her before you get in trouble ? Dana thanks , and I think a lot of my family ? They are all very mild mannered and enjoy life ! Blessings. Ron.

  33. 33

    Terry said,

    Thanks so much for your prayers amazing grace man…from Terry

  34. 34

    amycloud said,

    Good morning, Ron. I hope you are having a good day.

  35. 35

    rrbj said,

    Terry that is the least I could do . Amy yep I’m having a fair to middling day so fer , Might even go spend the rest of my grocery money at Wallmarts ?

  36. 36

    Terry said,

    Dear Ron..How come you never sent Cally over with Princess for a visit with us here in Southern Ontario, north of Georgia?
    I thought you were my friend and here I find out at Jel’s place that you have been holding out on me!………………..Terry……………..I’m BACK!!!!

  37. 37

    rrbj said,

    Terry I’m glad your dad is home and doing better? Let me just say that I had a hard enough time of packing Princess’s luggage that I didn’t have time to send Cally ? Besides I didn’t have a photo of her ? You need to send Princess back home , Judge Judy is waiting on my response to her ? Blessings to you and family ? Ron.

  38. 38

    donna said,

    Praying all is well with you.
    God Bless

  39. 39

    rrbj said,

    Thanks for the visit Donna. All is well with me and I enjoyed the pictures of your family ? Blessings . Ron.

  40. 40

    Terry said,

    One spoiled doggie on the way home to her Daddy and her partner in crime, Uncle Brett….from Terry

  41. 41

    rrbj said,

    Thanks Terry I have been missing her and her daughter Biscuit got all upset When she read what you said about Uncle Brett? By the way Judge Judy is chompping at the bit about what you said? Blessings. Ron.

  42. 42

    Terry said,

    She had better stop chomping at the bit!
    How can she fly a kite decently doing THAT??

    So that bad doggie made it home alrighty, eh?
    I was thinking about contacting Adi and sending her out with a rescue plane but it is just as well that Princess is home.
    I am a little tired tonight..From Terry

  43. 43

    rrbj said,

    Terry , Judge Judy said that was enough just one more arrogant comment ? You better be on the lookout cause Biscuit , Princess’s daughter is raring to get even with you for talking about her mom ? Blessings. Ron.

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