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Several friends have told me I need a wife ? That is a good gesture but I would have to spend money and buy a tractor and besides I don’t want to get in trouble again !  They do look kinda like they work good together ! Have a blessed day ?           Ron.cid_001001c77d059fcf261001fea8c0diannee.jpg


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Happy Easter !

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter Sunday ! I  was going to take a picture of the Pinetree Crosses that are visible all over the place in my yard and every where else but my camera is not corporating with me , but those that would like to visit this url can !    I hope that you will click on this url and read why I Follow Jesus it is wrote better than I could ever have ?   and then as you visit the malls and  to church share Gods love with everyone by visiting and following instructions in this url  I pray everyone has a safe and happy Lords Day !     Blessings to all.   Ron.

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