Mountain Cabin.

cid_001f01c798d1aa913ba04101a8c0compac.jpgWarning> If you must use the back door watch out for that first step Its a doozy !


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  1. 1

    kc said,

    I’ve always said I like living on the edge but after seeing this I’ll think twice before saying that again.

    Then again…what a view!

    Blessings Brother. 😉

  2. 2

    Corry said,

    That’s what I call living close to the edge!
    I guess they have every reason to be thankful at the end of every day, to be so blessed that none of them “jumped of the deep end”. Although I can think of many other things and ways to be thankful! This is pushing it ( ohhh, rather not!!!) but wow, what a view.

    Many blessings to you, Brother! Have a wonderful weekend.

    God’s Grace.

  3. 3

    dorsey said,

    The three guys on the left are Jehovah’s Witnesses, debating whether or not it’s worth it.
    : D

  4. 4

    christy said,

    Cute picture, Ron. Although, I’m not sure that house will last very long when the 60 mph winds come!

  5. 5

    Terry said,

    Oh even if it is close to the edge amazing grace man, what a cute little cabin and what a beautiful view!
    It reminds me of the time we mororcycled out west to the mountians and we thought we were sitll on the trans-Canada highway but instead we were travelling up Mount Norquay in Banff and looking over the sheer edges of the mountain cliffs!
    I think that is the year that I left Ontario with nice brown hair but when I got back home, I was pure white!!
    Is THAT what happened to YOU and Grandpaw, Ron!!
    Did you spend the night in that cute little cabin and look over the edge just one too many times?…From Terry

    And WHERE is the out-house, eh?

  6. 6

    rrbj said,

    KC that is a refreshing view and would make a nice getaway cottage ? Corry it wouldn’t be a good thing to invite any enemys to visit ? Dorsey they may be contemplating what to do to get people saved by maybe persuasion ! Thanks for dropping by Christy and it kinda looks like it may have survived 2or3 winds already ! Terry my hair just turned the color white from doing to much thinking a few years ago ? The outhouse is at the bottom by the river ? I post a picture of it in a couple of days ? Blessings to all and wishing ya’ll a good Sunday ? Tell Bernie I said hello ! Ron.

  7. 7

    dana said,

    wow that is incredible, that is beautiful!!! I love it, want to go there on vacation!!!

  8. 8

    rrbj said,

    Dana thanks for stopping by.It would magnificent view sitting there drinking a cup of coffee about daylight ? Blessings. Ron.

  9. 9

    gordoncloud said,

    I’ll bet the owner got that place cheap.

  10. 10

    jel said,

    hope they don’t sleepwalk 😕

    hey how are ya doing?

    have a great day! 😉

  11. 11

    Beverly said,

    Ooh, I don’t think so.

  12. 12

    Vicki said,

    That’s freaky. I’d probably sleepwalk right out the door one night.
    I like staying a little closer to the ground, myself:-)

  13. 13

    rrbj said,

    Hello everyone ! Bro. Gordon I bet the only company he gets is by special invite ? Janice I bet the sleep walkers have already thought about a rope tied to the bed ? Beverly it don’t hurt to be a little adventurious every now and then ! Oh come on Vicki I was thinking you and Dana could go on vacation there together and you could tie a rope around you to make sure you would be there the next morning ? Blessings to all ! Ron.

  14. 14

    Terry said,

    Where you been Grampa?
    I haven’t seen hide nor hair of you for a couple of days!!
    Are you and Ron OK?
    ….from Southern Ontario Girl , Terrible Terry

  15. 15

    rrbj said,

    Hey Terry , I just hadn’t been on computer a whole lot the last 3 days because my grandkids that live here , their Granny passed away early monday morning ? They are really my step grandkids but I love to leave out the word step ? I couldn’t love them any less than I do my own and they are a blessing to me ? Blessings. Ron.

  16. 16

    Terry said,

    Oh ..I am so sorry to hear about the gramma passing away.
    That is so sad and it is so nice that you have such a loving heart toward them Ron..
    They are a blessing to you and YOU are a blessing to them, amazing grace man…Take care…love Terry

  17. 17

    amycloud said,

    Great picture, Ron.

  18. 18

    rrbj said,

    Terry I apoligize for taking so long to answer, I just didn’t realize you had commented untill Amy did today ? Yes them grandkids are special to me as is everybody elses? Amy glad you feeling better today and if you ever feel like you need a nap and ain’t got time , Just call me and I will work it in my busy schedule that is the least I could do for a good friend ? Blessings. Ron.

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