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God’s Promise !

cid_001801c7a776bf8c4910b401a8c0jackslaptop.jpg–  ACTS-   2-VERSE-39

For the promise is unto you,

And to your children,

And to all that are afar off,

Even as many as the Lord our God shall call !

We have been studying about  {Admission of Sin } { Practicing  obedience } { Remember the Lord is God } Renewing our Devotion to God } the last 4 weeks in Sunday School !

God promises us in his word that He will give us eternal life if we follow His word ?

Every thing we have belonged to God before He gave it to us ! Some will say that’s not so ! But for Me and my House I will trust His Word ?

Someone has said a turtle on a fence post has to know he didn’t get there all by himself.

I ask do you understand this about your achievements in your life ? If you take the time and read the book of Genesis and while you are reading the first 3 chapters stop and think about  material things such as the surroundings in your yard that is Gods beautiful creation , your children , flowers , and all the diferent kinds of trees , insects, birds and every living creature on earth God created ?

When you look at the picture above why wouldn’t you trust and believe in our Lord and Savoir and seek what God has promised us we would have in our eternal life? I know this is only a photograph made by man, But according to His word I would think it would be a whole lot more prettier !

     Wishing All A Very blessed weekend?



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mY oPA’S Redneck hOUSEbOAT?

cid_002101c73a8a33abe6706101a8c0annette.jpgredneckhouseboat.jpgHello to all my admirers and everyone that sends me them mushy hugg’s !  MY name is Litl KC and if you would like to see how handsome I am just visit my Oma’s blog by clicking on Mr. Ron’s sidebar. Corry is my Oma? 

You see my Opa & Oma and me have made so many friends in bloggerville I just want to suprise my Opa on my third birthday and sort of have a reunion or something like that? I think it will take that long to organize it by taking reservations starting today ?

The bottom picture is My Opa’s redneck houseboat now ?

You see why it’l take untill my third birthday to get it all organized ? The top picture is the new bigger redneck houseboat #2 that I am going to get my Opa to purchase because the other one would be to small!! You know I learned how to plan ahead by watching my Oma ?  I shore will be glad when I can spend more time with my Opa cause Oma hogs all my time? I love my Oma very much but she is kissing me all the time and some times she slobbers on me? I hope I’m not getting in trouble with her , I thought that I could get Mr. Ron to post over here and maybe Opa and Oma wouldn’t see it ?

Mr. Ron is such a good Great Opa, I’m thinking about adopting him like my Opa and Oma did ?

If ya’ll don’t get to hear from me for a while ya’ll will know I been abused cause they grounded me from the computer ?

Blessing from Litl KC and MR. RON.

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Brotherly Love?

 I have been since school was out have had the priveledge of keeping 5 of my grandkids about 3 hrs every morning while their mom takes classes at Tech.! Below the two little guys are step brothers , one on the left is 7 years old and one on the right is 8 years old? This past monday they fussed and fought all morning and Teusday the same, and I had to spank them both days ? So Wednesday I decided to change punishment from spankings to brotherly love. They had about 1 hour to experience brotherly love before their mom got back ? I made them set on front doorsteps with each others arm around each other as in top picture and Noah on the right kept on pinching No-No [ nicknamed because his name is Noah too] on the neck ? So I told No-No to pinch him back then I had a little excitement between them ! I told them that if they didn’t stop I was going to make them kiss each other and say I love you ? In The bottom picture the expressions on their face shows how much they liked that idea? I don’t know how much I instilled in their minds but Thursday They played together like two peas in a pod. They tried very hard to make me believe that they were little angels ? Now I am waiting to see how well they do next week ! Sorry but that is the best I could get pictures to post but if you left click on picture you will get a better view !            Also they are some prayers that are being asked for over on By-His-Grace alone. blogspot, and you can get their  by clicking on Donna in my side bar ?           Lets all practice a little Brotherly Love this weekend!!!                                              Blessings to all .     Ron.

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