Brotherly Love?

 I have been since school was out have had the priveledge of keeping 5 of my grandkids about 3 hrs every morning while their mom takes classes at Tech.! Below the two little guys are step brothers , one on the left is 7 years old and one on the right is 8 years old? This past monday they fussed and fought all morning and Teusday the same, and I had to spank them both days ? So Wednesday I decided to change punishment from spankings to brotherly love. They had about 1 hour to experience brotherly love before their mom got back ? I made them set on front doorsteps with each others arm around each other as in top picture and Noah on the right kept on pinching No-No [ nicknamed because his name is Noah too] on the neck ? So I told No-No to pinch him back then I had a little excitement between them ! I told them that if they didn’t stop I was going to make them kiss each other and say I love you ? In The bottom picture the expressions on their face shows how much they liked that idea? I don’t know how much I instilled in their minds but Thursday They played together like two peas in a pod. They tried very hard to make me believe that they were little angels ? Now I am waiting to see how well they do next week ! Sorry but that is the best I could get pictures to post but if you left click on picture you will get a better view !            Also they are some prayers that are being asked for over on By-His-Grace alone. blogspot, and you can get their  by clicking on Donna in my side bar ?           Lets all practice a little Brotherly Love this weekend!!!                                              Blessings to all .     Ron.


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  1. 1

    Corry said,

    Grandpaw, that is priceless! haha. And it seemed to work as well.
    Have a very blessed weekend.

    God’s Grace.

  2. 2

    rrbj said,

    Corry thanks for coming by. I try to spring new things on them, and most of the time they say Mom , paparon is acting crazy again ? Monday and Teusday is the first time I’ve ever spank any of them? Their Mom said all day today when they would act up she would ask them did they want to hug and kiss each other and they would straighten up ? Blessings to ya’ll. Ron.

  3. 3

    Terry said,

    There’s the Ron J. that we all know!
    What a guy!
    Even a mean Canadian lady can see that!
    This is such a good story!
    Why those little guys are on the road to becoming best friends, I think.
    You will have to let us know how it works out Ron.

    Grandpaw would be proud of you!..from Terry

  4. 4

    Jenny said,

    Aww they’re cute.

  5. 5

    rrbj said,

    Thanks Terry , they are slowly learning Grandpaws ways ? If they hang around me long enough I probably can teach them some more ? They are slowly but surely showing some progress.

    Thanks for the visit Jenny you are welcome anytime. They do like to be boys and they are 5 children in their family and I do like to take them to church with me when I can . When they don’t go with me they go with their stepdad and mom! I am enjoying carrying them to VBS at our church every day this week ?

    Blessings to ya’ll . Ron.

  6. 6

    Terry said,

    Hi Amazing grace man, I was just about to write you an email.
    haven’t heard from you for so long that I was beginning to worry.
    Now don’t you be holding any grudges against that mean old Canadian lady.
    You know right well that I was very, very nice to that Princess when she was visiting.
    That Biscuit just has too vivid of an imagination, thinking up all those bad things that I did to her mom!!

    Glad to hear your voice again…From Terry

  7. 7

    rrbj said,

    Sorry Terry I been busy with kids first half of day and then I have to get a few things done off computer to be able to leave at 5:15 to go to vacation bible school ! Blessings. Ron.

  8. 8

    donna-in-NY said,

    Just popping in to say hello…..have a blessed weekend

  9. 9

    rrbj said,

    Hi Donna good to hear from you and wishing you a very Blessed weekend also !
    Blessings . Ron.

  10. 10

    Jim said,

    Hi Ron. Thanks for your vote and opinion. Rosie doesn’t make too many friends, does she?
    I peeked around a little on your blog, it is a nice one. Your blogging buddies are nice too.
    Those grandsons will keep you busy even when you they being nice. My grandson is 27 and just got married about a month ago.

    Have you been to ‘Swine Time?’ Lately, and do they still have it? My brother-in-law was at the Baptist church in Wiggins back in the late 70s and we went a couple of times to the festival. I liked the pig calendars.

  11. 11

    rrbj said,

    Hello Jim glad you stopped by !
    I enjoy every moment with them grandsons and grand-daughters as well .

    Jim I hadn’t been in several years but yes they still have the festival. Are you thinking about Whigham, Ga. Whigham is where they have the rattlesnake roundup every year ?
    I think you are thinking of Climax Ga. about 6 miles west of Whigam Ga. Thats where they have the Swine Time festival .
    Would your bro-in-law be kin to any Roddenberry’s ?

    Blessings. Ron. PS. wishing you a happy fathers day ?

  12. 12

    Beverly said,

    Boy, they don’t look very happy, do they. I’m sure that you had your hands full those days. Happy Father’s Day to you.

  13. 13

    rrbj said,

    Beverly I didn’t let them get up untill their mom got here. They kept that frown untill I told them that I had a big bowl of Jello Instant pudding if they could afford a smile? They found a big ole smile and forgot about their discipline.

    Blessings. Ron.

  14. 14

    Dana said,

    hey Ron,

    Thanks so much for your thoughts and your prayers, God is good all the time, I have put it in His hands and know He is in control, so I am not worried. I am now back to blogging, my internet hookup discontinued so I had to get another going, so here I am again!!

  15. 15

    rrbj said,

    Your are quite welcome Dana. I am glad you stand strong in your faith . I’m just trying to do what God asks us to do . Pray for one another?
    Yes God is good all the time and I wish more people could know his abundant love!
    I love Jesus, does He know?
    Have I ever told Him so?
    Jesus loves to hear me say,
    That I love Him everyday.


  16. 16

    Terry said,

    Dear Ron..Thanks for praying for me and thanks for the forwards.
    I will try and answer them….From Terry

  17. 17

    rrbj said,

    Thanks Terry,


    I hope you are recouperating well ?


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