Wally-gator & The Mama Duck?

With  Texas and Okalahoma getting so much rain the Mama Ducks has got a built in knowledge to know how to take care of her little ones?cid_2f40ad96-87ae-4b33-aedc-97fecaacae1b.jpgall the dry weather we have had in the south east there has been several reports with the alligators approaching  residential areas trying to find a cool place to !


Blessings and have a good Lords Day ?



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  1. 1

    Terry said,

    Good Morning Ron!
    What a lovely picture to view first thing on a Lord’s Day morning… these littlle birds. and their mama.
    Grampa Yade has lots of them out where he lives and I just love them!
    He writes stories about them and puts them into Sunday School papers for the kids.
    That ole alleygator is a fearsome sight though!!

    Have a reall good Sunday Amazing grace man…Thanks for your visit!!..From Terry

  2. 2

    rrbj said,

    Hello Terry and Bernie,

    I love to look and watch any kind of wildlife .To me its amazing how God created every living creature how to take care of their little ones ?


  3. 3

    jel said,

    i would take the ducks over the gater anyday! 😉

  4. 4

    rrbj said,

    Hi janice,

    I would rather have roast duck or alligator steaks, but the ducks are more prettier to look at ?

    Everytime we used to go fishing at the river we came across 2 or 3 alligators , but they didn’t bother us ? Only if they have little ones and then they get mean ?


  5. 5

    Beverly said,

    Hi, Ron,
    That is such a precious picture of the baby ducks on their mama’s back. The gator? Well, no. Funny picture, though.

  6. 6

    Milly said,

    I wonder how our Okie Gators are doing in this wet weather. I haven’t had one in my yard yet. but the ducks can swim in the back yard and no we didn’t put in a pool.

  7. 7

    rrbj said,

    Thanks for dropping by Beverly,

    We have a small community lake in Thomasville and I used to take the kids and let them watch the ducks ? When they had a new little brood of little ones the mama duck used to get after the kids if they got to close ?

    Now the gators have run me off a fish bed in the spring of year over in Lake Seminole !

    Blessings, Ron.

    Hi Milly,
    Glad you visited , and we have a story just about every week where people are leaving for work in morning and being approched by an alligator because ponds and rivers are so low?
    We have a 17 inch rain deficit and its near the middle of July! We sure could have used some of the rain that ya’ll got !


  8. 8

    nephos said,

    Great pics, Ron. Animals can be funnier than humans!

  9. 9

    rrbj said,

    Thanks Cameron for dropping by.

    Its good to see you again on the world wide web ? Yes and they can be unpredictable at times !


  10. 10

    donna-in-NY said,

    Hi Ron….dropping in to say hello….hoping I look more friendly than that allegator….


  11. 11

    rrbj said,

    Hello back to ya, Donna.

    I hope you had a blessed weekend with all the excitement planning the wedding?


  12. 12

    Terry said,

    Hi Amaziing grace man…Sure am glad to see those baby ducks still intact and not gobbled up by that ally gator.
    That would sure not hace been a prettu sight!!
    Have you and Grandpaw been getting my emaiils, Ron?
    I changed internet servers and there was a few bugs left to get ironed out so I am hoping that it is all OK by now!!
    Let me know OK, my Georgian friend?…from the mean old Canadian lady who loved the poem you sent none the less. Thanx…Terry

  13. 13

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry,

    I think we got the email situation straghtened out ? It sure is nice to only get emails from friends only and not all that junk mail !

    B L E S S I N G S .
    R O N .

  14. 15

    rrbj said,

    Hey Buddie,

    Hey right back at you !+++++


  15. 16

    cole12 said,

    Hey Papa-Ron

    Just trying to check my avatar I put on my blog?

    Have a great day !

  16. 17

    rrbj said,

    Hey little buddy your avatar looks good . See you tommorrow ?

    Papa- Ron.

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