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Forgiveness ?

cid_000501c7e03d43fe3ab06401a8c0df2fhr21.gif                                                              A pretty good example of why the divorce rate  is high? The lady seems to be singing the blues pretty good uh ? Anyway there is not much communication between them other than they seem to be trying to make a believer out of each other ?

    Where is the respect and love between them and the children gona come from other than the promises of God ?

     This is a major cause why families break up and little childrens lives are marred for the rest of their lives ? This is where the children lose their respect and get into trouble and don’t know where to turn to in  their lives ?

    I urge anyone who views this post and don’t have the love of God in their heart to please , always consider your children first ! If it must come to separation or divorce don’t get your children caught between ya’lls problems ? They will always need your love and support from both of you ?

Below I am helping to promote a new kind of medicine that has been around since the beginning of time, but has been kicked under the table ?


    The scripture 1st. John chapter 1 verse 9 says,

    “  If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness . “

     It might take a few good doses of the new medicine and attending the church services in your community to get all the Grace that God will fill your heart and soul with?

     As I said  ” God is taking orders on a 24/7 basis , and is recieving new sinners every day ?  Get your order in before supplies run out ?

   B l e s s i n g s – t o a l l .

    R o n .


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Tweety’s Philosophy ?


We might all do better if We follow Tweety’s advice ? Wishing all a very blessed Lord’s Day ! 



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Taylor .


I’m starting to post about the rest of my grandchildren ? This is Taylor .

    Taylor is 8 years old but this precious little blue eyed little girl has had her share of problems in her short 8 years !

    At the age of 2 weeks old she was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia . Her problems didn’t stop there , two years later she was diagnosed with intrinsic platelet cysfunction and Von willebrando disease ?

    At the age of 3 years old she had developed autism 1 speech impairment .

    In april of 2006 the doctors finally diagnosed her with Acute lymphocytic leukemia . She has to take kemo every friday to keep her little body functioning as close to normal as they can ?

     I wanted to say that God has blessed  this little blue eyed little girl with a warming smile and a sense of humor for her to try and understand what is wrong with her ?

    She wrote out a little post and asked me to post it for her, since I had helped her brother cole with his blog ? She reads The Little Girls Bible Storybook all the time and this is what she wrote ?


     Dear Moms,

     Have you ever thought about the feelings or emotions of the characters who actually lived out our favorite Bible Stories ? The Bible doesn’t often tell us what these people were thinking or feeling, so when we read these stories we may forget that they are about real people !

     These people had struggles , and questions and fears and hopes just as we do today ?

     The Little Girls Storybook provides an oppurtunity to look at well loved Bible stories through the eyes and hearts of the women who lived them .Of course we don’t really know what these long-ago women were actually feeling , but by thinking about what they may have felt , we can have deeper insight into the lessons they learned . We can learn from their experiences by imagening what a woman of today may have felt in those same situations !

     I can say that her understanding of her illness is that she is learning to trust in God more ! She was writing this for her Mom as well as the other Mom’s . She is the middle child of 5 children ? I know that I have to be careful cause she can flash them big blue eyes and that warm smile and nearly wrap me around her little finger !

     You can visit her brothers blogsite at and if you have time read Coles comment over at KC’s blog hope I got it right ?

    B l e s s i n g s .

     R o n .


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