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Child Neglect and Abuse?

I  find myself at times getting upset at adults that do not treat their children with respect and love ? They usually put their selfisness first ? What I’m saying is they ignore the best ways to start teaching their children when they are old enough to comprehend Gods Love ? Below are some thoughts to begin with ?


   The quality of my Life depends on the quality of my thoughts ? 


The 10 commandments are not multiple choice ?


The heavist thing I can carry is a grudge !


  Love is one thing I can give and still keep my Smile and my word ?


  I should keep my words soft and sweet in case I have to eat them ?


  Its never to late to become all that God can make me ?

   What Grandpaw { listen-Dads-Moms-Grandparents } is saying is take us to Sunday School and Church and teach us while we are growing up?

   My good little buddy {Litt’l KC } has been sneaking around and not letting his Opa and Oma know what he’s up to ?    

   Blessings and my love to everybody and me and Grandpaw is sending this message-

                   TO YOU ?



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The Lighthouse Children’s Home .

I am writing this post to let anyone that would like to support this endeavor for young ladies that are in search of a better life ” One with Jesus and His Love ” . These young ladies have come from broken homes-attitude problems-a life of despair , to chose to walk with Jesus in their lives ? They truly were a blessing to me and the rest of our church family ?


    Their support comes from many different projects that they have ! You can click on this url and you can view the complete operation of their school! The picture above demonstrates one of the Groups!

They are many Gospel Quartets that support them ? Check out their web page and you can see their many projects ?

   One of their projects is the sale of their CD’S . You can order from their home page ? This is a picture of the young ladies in concert !


   If you view this post just know it blessed me and if you would like to support these young ladies it would bless them and glorify God ! It takes about $1500.00 a month for each young lady ! 

   Thanks , and Gods Blessings to you !


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IS Your Life Upside Down ?


    Have you ever experienced your life as being upside down ? “I Have ” .

   But I discovered how to keep from drowning in my sorrows ! A very good friend I discovered is a very dependable and loyal friend ! ” His Name Is Jesus “.

   About 5 years ago when I thought the disability ailments that jumped on me , that my life had fallen apart . I like most people when the going gets tough, make a decision that brings us back to reality in your life when the going gets rough ?

    MY POINT ?

   There is many questions that people ask about themselves and think that they never get a good answer . It is simply because they do not look in the right direction and don’t put their trust in the only one that gurantees us eternal life ? I can say that because I have been there ! God promises us our needs , but some get it confused with their wants and take everything for granted ? When asking we only think of ourselves and don’t consider our future when D-Day comes ? 


   Click on this url and check it out and don’t get caught in a tight decision making time , because we might not pull it off as this person did ?

Blessings To All and Wishing everyone a Blessed Lords Day !



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Things I’ve Learned ??

    As all us adolescents have grown up compare this list to see if you have learned anything ? I’ve learned so much I think my computer is filled up !!

   Click on this url and compare your knowledge ?

   Be sure to turn up volume ?

    Have A Blessed Day.



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