IS Your Life Upside Down ?


    Have you ever experienced your life as being upside down ? “I Have ” .

   But I discovered how to keep from drowning in my sorrows ! A very good friend I discovered is a very dependable and loyal friend ! ” His Name Is Jesus “.

   About 5 years ago when I thought the disability ailments that jumped on me , that my life had fallen apart . I like most people when the going gets tough, make a decision that brings us back to reality in your life when the going gets rough ?

    MY POINT ?

   There is many questions that people ask about themselves and think that they never get a good answer . It is simply because they do not look in the right direction and don’t put their trust in the only one that gurantees us eternal life ? I can say that because I have been there ! God promises us our needs , but some get it confused with their wants and take everything for granted ? When asking we only think of ourselves and don’t consider our future when D-Day comes ? 


   Click on this url and check it out and don’t get caught in a tight decision making time , because we might not pull it off as this person did ?

Blessings To All and Wishing everyone a Blessed Lords Day !




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  1. 1

    kc said,

    “God promises us our needs , but some get it confused with their wants and take everything for granted” So true!

    Great thoughts Bro. Ron and your testimony is a wonderful inspiration.

    I hope you and yours are all doing well. May God continue to bless you all.

  2. 2

    Beverly said,

    I’m glad you didn’t become bitter or turn away from Him when things got hard for you. Disabilities are not fun, that’s for sure, but we have to remember that His grace is sufficient. Ane it is.

  3. 3

    rrbj said,

    Hi KC,

    I hadn’t got to do as much visiting as I usually do because my 5 grandkids have been with me this week ! I got a few things done outside since they were here and could help me . My pecans are falling and trying to keep the squirrels from getting them ! The squirrels just don’t understand that all my kids need some too ? I have been watching the squirrels go up the tree and get pecans and come down and run the privacy fence around my back yard and go down the post and bury them ?
    I have discovered three hiding places and in all three places they had 42 pecans , this years crop buried there ? I hope they don’t discover I’m the culprit and attack me ?
    I can truly say that God has blessed me beyond what I may derserve !

    Blessings and wishing all the family a blessed weekend !


  4. 4

    rrbj said,

    Hello Beverly,

    I can truely say that He has been in controll ! I’ll email you sometime and tell you about it my experience .
    I know you got to be making memories each day with Ella ? The 5 of mine that have been here everyday this week allways ask , what we gona do today paparon ?

    Blessings to you and your family and have a blessed Sunday !

  5. 5

    amycloud said,

    Great words, Bro. Ron. I have been blessed by your life and your ministry here. God bless you.

  6. 6

    jel said,

    you know being upside down like U R in that picture the blood
    will rush to your head ! 😉

    take care

  7. 7

    rrbj said,

    Hi Amy,

    I have enjoyed your posts too. I should probably post more than 2 times in a month ? When I do write it has been because of the words and the conversation that I come in contact with during a week and that is what inspires me ? { Usually when I visit the bread store I always receive a blessing } !


  8. 8

    rrbj said,

    Hi Janice,

    You are so right but that is the only time I can say I ain’t got a empty head ! It gives me the feeling I’m making progress ? LOL!

    B l e s s i n g s .
    R o n .

  9. 9

    Dana said,

    Hey Ron, that was great! I got a chuckle from that!

  10. 10

    nephos said,

    “they do not look in the right direction and don’t put their trust in the only one that gurantees us eternal life”

    True words, Bro. Ron.

    BTW . . . I like that picture. That fellow looks similar to you!

  11. 11

    rrbj said,

    Hi Dana,

    Been missing your posts, thought you might have got to go out on a long boating trip , just you and hubby ?


  12. 12

    rrbj said,

    Hi Cameron,

    Hows the family doing. I appreciate the visit . Tell Will that Cole has got a blog now , but football practice and lessons take up all his time ? Tell Will to go to my sidebar and click on Cole to get to his blog ?

    It does resemble me a hole lot, only my head ain’t empty in that picture .


  13. 13

    Corry said,

    Hey Grandpaw,
    Sorry for being so late to comment, but I have been kept busy (by myself and others, haha).

    There are no short-cuts and what you call finding yourself in an upside-down world, I call waking up in a nightmare. The concept is the same and when we figure out how we got ourselves in it, we can change it all around!

    I hope you enjoyed the week with your grandchildren! Many blessings to you.

    God’s Grace.

  14. 14

    rrbj said,

    Hi Corry,

    I have enjoyed the kids much, But I seem to wake up some mornings and tend to get on my own last good nerve , { like spilling my coffee-dropping my bowl of cereal-or just plain stumping my toe???} Thats when I just talk to the Lord and simply ask for his guidance ? Kinda like Tweety’s prayer in one of my posts ?

    Blessings and hope all the family is doing ok !
    BTW- Tell my litt’l buddy that I wished he could have been here this week and played with these other curtain climbers ?

  15. 15

    Terry said,

    Dear amazing grace man…I borrowed your lovely rainbow of God’s promises picture to put Dad Golden in over at the Pals.
    He is going for his operation tomorrow, Ron and he is not saved yet…From Terry

  16. 16

    rrbj said,

    Morning Terry,

    I stiil remembering Dad Golden in my prayers . I can’t remember which scriptures God tell us but He tells us just be patient and have faith in His promises ! I do and I have faith that God already knows the time and place, but patience is a virture God gives us . It has to be learned because that is what God wants us to do ? It is ok to borrow the picture .

    Blessings and prayers for Dad Golden and His operation and your family.

  17. 17

    Terry said,

    Thank you so much Ron…..from Terry

  18. 18

    gordoncloud said,

    Good words, Bro. Ron. I heard someone put it this way, “When we find that all we have is Jesus, we find that Jesus is all we need.”

  19. 19

    jel said,

    hi rrj

    it was a chevy! 😉

  20. 20

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry ,
    You are very welcome . Hope everything goes well .

    Blessings to you and the family.

  21. 21

    rrbj said,

    Bro. Gordon,

    Thats is a very good quote , and I just can’t figure out why it took me so long ! I do know that when you do come to that knowledge you won’t ever
    forget it . Its great to know that God don’t hold grudges?

    BTW- wasn’t that a great service we had ! I can’t speak everyones feelings but I was surely was blessed !

  22. 22

    rrbj said,

    Hi Janice,

    Thanks for confirming , I had bought my 1966 model in 1969 and it was a good truck ! It was as good as a enegerizer battery that makes that rabbit just keep on hopping ? I drove it till 1985 before I sold it ? It was still running good .


  23. 23

    selahV said,

    been reading through your posts and am so pleased by the LIGHT you show the world in your writing. I’ve added you to my bloglinks and plan to visit often. Many prayers for your precious blue-eyed granddaughter. May God continue to brighten her eyes and fill her heart with His joy, peace and wisdom. selahV

  24. 24

    rrbj said,

    Hi selahV,

    Thanks for dropping by . The truth is she knows her condition and still loves Jesus . She loves to read childrens bible stories ?

    I don’t post as much as I’d like to because I have learned that God will inspire me to post . In other words I pick up things that are on peoples mind and then pray about it ?

    I follow the SBC IMPACT POST DAILY , and I just don’t comment ? I usually visit your blog from one of the other blogs.


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