How would you have loved to take a cruise on Noah’s Gospel Ship ?

     I can imagine some of the thoughts in some of the Ladies and probably some of the Men ! Those of us that have had the pleasure to grow up on the farm wouldn’t mind !

    If you put much thought in this Picture , it was in Gods plan that He prepared for us many years ago ! Why shouldn’t we enjoy the fellowship with all those animals because we have the priveledge of enjoying many of them in Todays life? I thank God especially for Turkeys that make Thanksgiving Day a day we can gather together and give thanks for all the many Blessings that God has gave Us !  How About You ? I’m going to share some simple positive thoughts with you !


    If God had a refigerator, your

          picture would be on it .

   If He had a wallet your photo

          would be in it .

   He sends you flowers every

          spring, and a sunrise every morning.

   When you want to talk, He’ll listen .

   He could live anywhere in the universe and He chose your Heart.

   What about the Christmas gift He sent you in Bethlehem ?

   Not to mention that Friday at Calvary .


   I encourage all of you to give Thanks for what we have recieved and PRAY FOR RAIN FOR THE DROUGHT STRICKEN AREAS IN THE SOUTHEAST ?

    Happy Thanksgiving Wishes To All !



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  1. 1

    kc said,

    May God bless you and your family over the holiday Grandpaw Ron.

    I hope the woodpecker never finds your boat! 😉

  2. 2

    rrbj said,

    Thanks KC,

    Noah wasn’t like me because after all them holes I probably would have wanted to shoot him if they had guns back then ?

    Blessings and wishing ya’ll a Happy Thanksgiving .

  3. 3

    selahV said,

    Ron, that is the cutest picture! And just thinking about how that might have been—well, you have inspired a post in me. I’ll let you know when I write it. How adorable this drawing is. How truthful are your words! selahV

  4. 4

    rrbj said,

    Hi selahV,

    I am pleased that you stopped by and that it inspired a post ? I feel as you do and pray that our messages will inspire more people or at least to start thinking ? I enjoy reading your 3 blogsites and usually I recieve a blessing !


  5. 5

    gordoncloud said,

    There must have been some trying times on that boat, for sure. This was a good post Bro. Ron. God bless and I’ll see you Sunday.

  6. 6

    rrbj said,

    Thanks Bro. Gordon,

    Being a country boy I have smelled the cow barns and hogpens and the bad odor always came after a good rain !

    I’ll see you sat. evening at the christmas party for senoir adults , if not I’ll see you Sunday !


  7. 7

    Beverly said,

    Hi, Ron, thanks for your comments and your e-mails. I’m having a great time here in Virginia, although it’s pretty cold. Ella is so much fun. And I think she really loves me !!!

  8. 8

    rrbj said,

    Hi Beverly,

    I can imagine the fun you are having ? The other day I told Taylor , one of my grandkids that I didn’t think I was going to have any money to buy them a Christmas present ! She said that was ok but I could always do like I did 2 years ago and give them a bundle of switches ! It cracked me up but at the same time the love was still pouring out from her !


  9. 9

    Terry said,

    Hi Amazing-grace man….Can you please tell me if I am right about your being anonymous on my blog?
    Let me know Ok….Hugs all around for you and Ron and RRBJ and Grandpaw and Princess and Biscuit….Terry

  10. 10

    rrbj said,

    Hello Terry,

    Glad to see you again. Been missing ya ? I’m doing ok just having to put up with my mischevious Daddy ?? Don’t know about him cause he shore does make me mind ? He don’t know it yet but he spoils me when we sit on front porch every evening feeding me apples-comquats-oranges-grapefruit-satsumers-tangerines- and he even cracks and feeds me some pecans ? Its just like eating a good ole fruit salad !

    Better say bye cause I don’t want him catching me on his computer ? Sending you and Mr. Bernie Holiday Greetings and wishing ya’ll a merry Christmas !


  11. 11

    Terry said,

    Dear Princess….Do you know when Daddy’s birthday is?
    You better tell me ’cause if you don’t, when you come here for a visit all I will feed you is apple sauce made from sour crab apples and canned peas and carrots with tangerine peelings and banana skins for dessert!!
    Fruit salad indeed!! No way!
    To top it off I will be a stool pigeon and tell the old boy that you have been sneaking time on his computer!….Love from the mean old Canadian woman..Terry

    PS..If you want when you come here I will let you sit on the front porch, eating dried kidney beans and freezing as you sit in the cold!!!
    No warm Georgian weather here and no pecans either!!

  12. 12

    rrbj said,

    Miss Terry,

    I wish you wouldn’t tell me that cause I am a sweet little dog ? Besides if I was to tell you when his birthday was he would probably throw me out into the yard ? If I do get to visit again you better prepare me a better menu ! Also I’m trying to learn some new songs to ?

    My Daddy’s birthday is +++++++++= Old ! Don’t tell him I said that ? Got to go I hear him coming— BYE.


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