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  I cain’t believe its been a year today since I wrote my first Post ? I have enjoyed and appreciate all my good friends I have made over the year ! I appreciate your kind thoughts and respect with a lot of Gods Love thrown my way ? I don’t always ” Feel as Good as I Look ”  but my daily blog reading usually perks me up for the day ?   You see I’ve have got somebody in my life that loves me for who I am ? Thats makes me feel special according to His word !

He does not lead me year by year,

     Nor even day by day .

But step by step my path unfolds,

     My Lord directs my way .

Tomorrows plans I do not know,

     I only know this minute .

But He will say, “This is the way,

     By faith now walk ye in it. “

And I am glad that it is so,

     Today’s enough to bear,

And when tomorrow comes,

            His Grace

     Shall far exceed its care .

What need to worry then, or fret ?

     The God who gave His Son

Holds all my moments in His Hand

     And gives them one by one !

“Just give me one day at a time Sweet Jesus thats all I ‘m asking for “

  is my prayer each day ?

Blessings to all and I look forward to another year of good reading.


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Frustrations ?

Some people just seem to have all the luck in getting jobs . Don’t that frustrate you ? Some people are good at handling frustrations and others ain’t ?


 ^   He’s in early training ?  ^

   Some get jobs that are interesting to them ?


   You just need to take your time in finding the right job or you’ll be like this  Dude ? 


  We all at sometime or another have been at that point in our lives ! We just need to regroup one step at the time like this Guy does ?


 Does this picture explain the real deal  that we experience in our lives because we have not learned patience ?

  I invite you to go to this url and find out just how to fight all your frustrations and consider what patience will do in your lives !  Scroll down to the topic ” From BC to AD ” and- Genisis to Revelation and read Mrs Hariette Peterson’s  aka selahV ‘s post ?  Good Reading !



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