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    Ever since my kids have grown up I still remember the fun we had at Easter . My youngest will be 38 April 27 th. I have had the priveledge of teaching my kids about Jesus . Parents and Grand-Parents take the time this Easter if you haven’t taught them yet ? It will be more meaningful at Easter to them ! I always enjoy seeing the little kids with their new outfits on ?

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     Ain’t that about as precious as they get ? As my Uncle would say  ” well she is more pretty than any of my new speckled birdog puppies ” !  What a Blessing God gave us ? Gives us something to look forward to ! Ain’t Bro. Tony Sisk Blessed with His young ladies ?

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   Blessings and Happy Easter to ALL.


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Devil And Me ?

cid_005b01c873ceccae6ea0567112accnsinternet.gif       I have been sick since Feburary 27th and this has been sort of new experience for me. I have not been this sick in 20 to 25 years ? Flu or whatever you call it [ monster ] flipped me a few loops in my daily living as if I already didn’t have enough ! I have never upchucked anything in my life but friend I have made up for it the first week and half I was sick ! But I was ready to see my church family again !

This booger what most of us call the Devil or Satan made a good appearance Sunday morning Mar. 16th ! As I went to my bathroom to shower early Sunday morning my florsencent light would not come on . It was to dark to get ready so I had to miss seeing my church family the third week in a row ? I don’t know how you might feel but to me it’s like missing a meal at supper time ?

I just wanted to drop a post to let every body know that I have missed my blogging friends a lot and my church family . Thanks to those who called me and those who ask thru my blog ?






   Do you feel like working today ? If not drop me a note or give me a call ?

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  Blessings to all .




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