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   Its that time of the year for Thomasville Georgia to have its annual Rose Show competetion and Rose Parades the 24th thru the 26th of April . We have rose gardens that are full of beautiful Blooms on every street corner all over Thomasville . We have a rosebud Parade for the children on the 24th and annual Rose parade on the 25th ! We have a street dance on Friday night ! 

  > There is usually a great attendance at the parade on friday and the entries make for about 1 1/2 mile long parade ? All the motels are busting at the seams and its hard to get lodging ! It is a big day for everyone because a lot of businesses give the day off so the parents can be with family and children !


    The top photo is some of the Kids that attended VBS last year ! As most of you have heard me say that children is one of my pet peeves ! 

    Below is some urls that would be a fun activity for all ages and one way to get our children to read Bible verses each day ! Bro Tony Sisk wrote on one of his blogs about their Family goals . You can reach his blogs by clicking in my sidebar on one of the 2 listings ? 

     I encourage all of you to visit this url because it gives us some good instructions ? 

     Blessings to ALL and wishing All a blessed Lords Day .


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piggy bankThis post is for people who don’t understand Rednecks . Southern Rednecks are ingenious and I don’t like people saying bad things about us ! Being a Southern Redneck requires the qualities of having inventive power; cleverness in contriving or origanating ; acutness-cleverness – cunning – dexterity – genious-ingenenous-inventiveness-readiness-skills- all this means a redneck can overcome difficulties inventing appliances and adapting means to and end ? Cleverness may be either of the hand or mind but cheifly of the latter !

   THIS new design was created by KC OVER AT . He and his better half have got a good thing going  ! They are proud of a lot of new inventions and as soon as they can they are going to get and assembly line going ? 

   Corry his better half has got a new blog started which has a whole lot of interesting things she talks about , but not much of nothing but it is marinaded in a lot of humor , visit her at  ?

  Here is a couple of other new inventions they have engineered ?

   I don’t know why wordpress sprung this new way of posting but maybe I can figure it out ? Please bare with me ? I think that with the new harley lawnmower I won’t have much trouble getting the neighborhood boys to cut my grass ? THAT new harley design looks like it might be reasonable priced ?

    I just had to show a happy little boy [ my great nephew Brandon ] with the catch of the day ? It weighed in at 3 1/2 lbs and you can tell how happy he was by that smile ?  He is only 5 years old ! He was playing with his dads rod with a top water plug on when the bass hit ! He nearly fell out of the boat ?

     Sorry for the unorganized post , blame wordpress ??



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