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It Could Happen To You ?






   All my life I’ve been trying to figure out what happened to me , now I know ! Mrs Audrey this should explain the problem with one of our problems ?

    I read a friends blog all the time and She is always talking about eating and Her weight problem ? I am posting this for Her because she always writes about everyday life and expresses Her love for our God ! She is a casual type of lady who loves life ! You can visit her blog by clicking this url ! 



   BTW– Her Dad has been having some serious problems and could use all the prayers we can offer ! Thanks .


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Have You Ever Been Caught In These Situations ?

Turn up volume and visit this url for explanation ?

Have you ever had a Gorilla after you ?

    Visit this url – 

                                           A Father’s Prayer

Last night my little boy confessed to me some childish wrong;

And kneeling at my knee he prayed with tears;

” Dear God make me a man , like Daddy__ Wise and Strong ;

I know you can . ”

Then while he slept , I knelt beside his bed;

Confessed my sins and prayed with low – bowed head ;

” O God , make me a child , like my child here—

 Pure, open, trusting thee with faith sincere. ”


   Blessings to all and wishing everyone a  good Lord’s Day Sunday !



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