Every Day Joy You Can Count–On ?

 Just some things I enjoy every day from Grandpaw’s and Princess’s crib ? As I have heard it said that God new that man needed a companion that would not talk back to Him decided to make Dog ?  Well I’m going to say thanks for my little girl to whom I’m very much attached to ?

Up untill 2 Christmas eve’s ago I never had an inside dog , only yard dogs ! You tell me how you cain’t love a pretty little face like that ?

    She is my company 24/7 and she shows and appreciates her owner very much ? She shows it by her little actions she does all the time every day ! To get the morning started [ now don’t think I have lost it ] but first thing I do is to check my bloodsugar to see if its ok . She watches me untill I get thru and then she barks as if to tell me its her time to go outside to potty ? When she is ready to come back in she will bark one time ? When she gets back in she stays proped up on my leg untill we sing Jesus Loves Me and then I will get my coffee and she will indulge in her bowl of food ? Then we go out and sit on the front porch and she checks everything out to make sure they ain’t no boogers invaded us . Then we eat an apple or some little baby carrots or a fresh picked plum ? Then we usually come back in and she lays down beside my computer and watches me read my mail and my daily blogs that I read ?

    When someone drops by and when they leave I tell her to give them some love and she goes over and stands up by your leg untill you tell her bye-bye and then she comes and gets back under my chair ! If we are on the porch she will bark about 3 or 4 times as if to tell you bye ? She loves when we have company as if to say you don’t understand I have to live with him 24/7 so give me all your attention ?

    She weighs about 9/1-2 lbs but has got a hundred pound growl and bark if something is in her yard ? Every time she sees something strange and she barks at it she then comes and jumps up on me to ask me did I do good ?

    Every since my disability I cain’t sleep in a bed any more so I sleep in my recliner and every night when I tell her time to go to bed she has to come over to me and tell me goodnight , and mind you she don’t forget ! I cain’t get far because she always follows me and she makes sure she is far enough to keep from tripping me . She always lets me go first ?

    I’m telling this because when love is shared the right way then it pleases God. Only if Man could be this way as the dog illustrates > You can be mean and beat the dog and a few minutes later it is forgotten and they still are your best friend ? I think that is what Jesus means when He said ” Love thy neighbor as thyself ” ?

    I cain’t post this untill I contact Judge Judy so she will be ready to correct that ” mean old canadian lady ” in case she steals this picture like she did last year and wants Princess to come and visit with Adi and them other friends she met last year but only Princess pleads no more sour applesauce , just real apples ? Princess also said to tell that mean old canadian lady to practice singing Jesus Loves me cause I don’t know if I could have stood it if it hadn’t been for Mr Bernie pretty voice covering her up ?

  BTW –Mrs Terry , Judge Judy has got some new contacts in Canada now and she promises she will seek justice this time ?

   Blessings and wishing all a blessed Lord’s Day !



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  1. 1

    selahV said,

    Ron, I like your friend. She’s adorable. She kinda reminds me of a dog I had once. But no more. Knickers is long gone. I’m glad you have a buddy to sit with you 24/7. They say it’s good for the blood pressure. selahV

  2. 2

    kc said,

    What a fine looking critter! Oh, and Princess is cute too (hehe).

    love ya brother! 😉

  3. 3

    Corry said,

    She is a very special fine looking critter. I am glad you got such a good companion to watch over you and keep you company.

    I so enjoyed reading and hearing about you two and am looking forward for more.

    We hope you have a very blessed Sunday, Grandpaw.

    Both little critters say ‘Hi’.

    God’s Grace.

  4. 4

    rrbj said,

    Hi Mrs Hariette,

    Thanks for stopping by ! She does so many different things in a days time that I think she is trying to entertain me ? She can be contankerous at times like when I leave her on Sunday morning to go to church she has tears running out of her eyes and she gets mad ? She will either go poop in my bedroom or sometimes unroll the toilet paper in bathroom just to get even because that is the only day that she does that ?


  5. 5

    rrbj said,

    Hello Bro KC,

    Thanks for the compliment and Princess said thanks to ?


  6. 6

    rrbj said,

    Hi Corry,

    Tell them 2 lit’l critters I said hey, better than thet just give them a hug from me ? I had another picture of just her but I couldn’t get it to post ? I am very attached to her and she is very good company !


  7. 7

    Hey Amazing grace man…the deed has been done. I read the first post before I saw this or I wouldn’t have been so nice.
    Well, that Princess is visiting at the Pilgrim Pals blog now. She would have been visiting me Judge Judy or no Judge Judy , if I hadn’t of been needing the 15th for Miss Patty’s birthday post.
    Princess does tell the other pals to protect her from that mean old Canadian lady, but I don’t know what ever she is taking about.
    Why I never hit her once when she and Adi and Mrs. Mac’s Dawg were here. Too bad if she didn’t like canned carrots and wanted fresh ones instead and in no way was I going to put sugar in her sour canned apple sauce. After all I never charged her one red cent for board!!!
    Well there you go…I just may as well do as I am accused of.I not only swiped her picture but I also got you in over at the Pals!!!!
    Love Terry

    PS Did you get the nice email from me.?..A forward with a message?

  8. 8

    rrbj said,

    Morning Terry,

    Judge Judy says she is not totally convinced that you ain’t mean ? In fact she said that if it wasn’t for your nice hubby she would have showed you a thing or two ?
    BTW– Princess is laying on the couch reading as I type and she told me to back off talking about you , so I asked her why and she said all of us Ladys have to stick together no matter what and she was afraid my feelings might get hurt ?
    Then she said tell you that the bossyness had to go and then she stood up on her back legs and said she cain’t stand all this bickering anymore, couldn’t we start over again ???
    Princess said you had better not embarass Her Daddy ??

    Blessings to everyone and I take after my Daddy trying to make some one smile all the time ? A kind word or just a smile helps my Daddy forget about his aches and pains and Singing Jesus Loves Me –every morning is good dessert for the soul ??


  9. 9

    amycloud said,

    Ron, I am so glad you have this little one to keep you company. She is adorable. I hope you have a great week.

  10. 10

    Hey Amazing grace man…Hebrews 11:1 told me to thank you for making her day and she also told me that if you give me any trouble for swiping them mug shots of you and Princess that she has a uncle who is a lawyer so you had better lay off all those threats of having Judge Judy showing me a thing or two!
    Besides by the looks and sounds of it, that sweet little Princess will be my character reference!!…Love Terry

  11. 11

    rrbj said,

    Hi Amy ,

    Thanks Amy , the other day this elder lady said that her little puppy made her feel as she still needed to be around and not go nowhere . I think Princess does that to me . About 6 years when I was blessed with my disability I thought many times I was not good for anything no more ? The mercy of the lord and the never ending blessings and Love that He shares with me each day has convinced me to hang around with joy in my heart !


  12. 12

    rrbj said,

    Hey mean old canadian lady ,

    This is princess saying you better stop threatning my Daddy ? You just be careful and don’t cross the line cause if you don’t listen to me I will call Judge Judy myself ? At least He don’t feed me sour applesauce or canned carrots ? By the way have you been tuning up to the tune to Jesus Loves Me , cause Mr bernie called me and said that He thought there was no hope ? I told Him that as long as there was still breath there was still hope ??? { maybe }

    Tell Mrs Hebrews 11:1 that I’m glad that she enjoyed it and gave her a smile today but Judge Judy said she loves a good challenge ?

    From Princess and grandpaw.

  13. 13

    audrey` said,

    Pets are our best friends =)

  14. 14

    rrbj said,

    Hi Audrey,

    Thanks , she is a lot of company for me ? I have scolded her and she would go to her dog box only in about 10 minutes would come over to me as to say ” please forgive me ” . Of course everything is ?


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