Princess !

In my last post I couldn’t get this photo of princess to post . This is a better snapshot of my little girl ?     Read the last post about her





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  1. 1

    Oh Amazing grace man…I really do think that Princess is ready to compete in the Miss Georgia pageant and then to make her way to Miss US of A and then Miss World…what say daddy?…. love Terry

  2. 2

    jel said,

    very cute dog!

    how R U Gandpaw?

    take care! 😉

  3. 3

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry,

    I asked her if she would like for me to see about entering the pageants and she said she couldn’t stay away from me t hat long !


  4. 4

    rrbj said,

    Hi Janice,

    Yep she is my spoiled little brat ?
    I’m doing fairly good cause our Lord sees to my needs everyday ? Sometimes I wonder if He’s sending me all these little ailments just to make sure I’ll stay in touch with Him ?


  5. 5

    amycloud said,

    She is just too cute. Great picture.

  6. 6

    rrbj said,

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks a bunch and thanks for the great post over at your place ?


  7. 7

    Corry said,

    What a cuty. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Keeping Cole and the rest of his family in our prayers, as well as you.

    Many blessings to you and yours.

    God’s Grace.

  8. 8

    rrbj said,

    Morning Corry,

    Thanks for your concern and prayers . They are greatly appreciated ! I forwarded the card to Cole ! Thanks !

    Blessings From>
    Cole and grandpaw .

  9. 9

    gordoncloud said,

    Hey, Bro. Ron. Hope you are doing well. That sure is a cute little dog. It’s amazing how attached we can get to our critters isn’t it?

  10. 10

    rrbj said,

    Hey Bro. Gordon,

    If you had asked me if I had wanted a house dog before 2 Christmas’s ago my answer would have been NO ? Its great to know I was wrong ! She came already neutered and house trained and needing love and attention ? She used to howl when I sang Jesus Loves Me but now she just stands there till I finish singing ? She is what I needed to take up time on them lonesome days !

    I’m doing ok right now !


  11. 11

    Corry said,

    We send you an e-mail with the link to a card for Cole. We were wondering if you got that e-mail? We hope so. If not, please let us know? Thanks!

    God’s Grace.

  12. 12

    cole12 said,

    Hey papa I was just wanting to let you know that I got 106 views.


  13. 13

    rrbj said,

    Hi Corry,

    Yes and thank you much and I have already emailed it to Cole . When I told him he was proud and reasurring to him !

    This is another update for tommorrow July 18th . Originally He was supposed to check in Hospital at 10:30 AM and His surgery was at 1:30 PM but that has changed to checkin at 8:00Am and surgery is at 10:30AM .
    Thanks for your prayers .


  14. 14

    rrbj said,

    Hi buddy,

    Praise God for all of the prayers that are being offered up from God’s children !

    Blessings and praying everything goes well !

  15. 15

    Mrs. Terry said,

    Dear Amazing grace man…The word is out and we will all be praying for Cole and for his little sister!…Love Terry

  16. 16

    audrey` said,

    Hi Grandpaw

    Your Princess is so cute =)

  17. 17

    audrey` said,

    Hi Grandpaw

    We’re praying for Cole and his sister.
    We must continue to trust God for His healing touch.
    Take care.

  18. 18

    Amrita Singh said,

    Hi Ron, Princess is a darling.
    I really like all the nice things you put on your blog.

  19. 19

    rrbj said,

    Morning Terry,

    Thanks Terry [ not the mean old canadian lady ] you are so nice and sweet . Praying for Dad Golden and your whole family . Tell Bernie I said hello.


  20. 20

    rrbj said,

    Hi Mrs Audrey,

    Thank you for your prayers for Cole . We appreciate them very much !

    Yes my little girl is pretty and a blessing to me !

    Blessings and wishing you a blessed weekend.

  21. 21

    rrbj said,

    Hi Amrita,

    Thanks for posting for prayers for Cole and Taylor . Last night was very humbleing to Cole because He couldn’t believe so many were praying for them . I pray God’s blessings will lift you and your mom and your family and your people up . It is good to know how you continue to praise and worship our God .

    Blessings and wishing you and your family a blessed weekend !

  22. 22

    Terry said,

    Dear amazing grace man….I i will start back to being a mean old Canadian lady when Cole gets all better.
    Oh I am so prayig for him! This day is for him!….Love Terry

  23. 23

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for all your prayers. It is a blessing to Cole and very humbling to him and His family to have so many offering up prayers ?

    As for the mean old canadian lady just tell her I’m praying for her too ?

    BTW— Did gracey like that email the other day about trust ?

  24. 24

    gordoncloud said,

    Hey, Bro. Ron. If you talk to Cole or his parents, just let them know that we are still praying for them. Hope you have a great day and, Lord willing, we will see you tomorrow. Don’t forget we are going to have dinner at church tomorrow.

  25. 25

    Terry said,

    Hi amazing race man..You and Cole and the family are never far from our minds and we will continue to be praying….Love Bernei and Terry

    Give Princess a little hug from us….

  26. 26

    rrbj said,

    Hi Bro. Gordon,

    I told them and they are very appreciative for all the prayers All over the world ! We all need to keep him in our prayers that they want be to much wrong when they do surgery the 1st of August ?

    About the Dinner at the church tomorrow I m a true Southern Baptist trained by good ole country cooking and I love to eat ?


  27. 27

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry ,

    Thanks Terry for all your love and concern for Cole and His family ! They are very grateful !

    As for Princess I told her to come over to me so I could give her a hug from Aunt Terry and she run and got under my chair ????


  28. 28

    Sabine said,

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you for letting me know that you had written about Taylor. I have edited my post with a link to your post. Taylor sounds like an amazing little girl, wise beyond her years, and she is very cute. My oldest grandson is just a little younger than Taylor is. I am checking every day for news about Cole.

  29. 29

    rrbj said,

    Morning Sabine,

    Taylor is an exceptional little girl. It is amazing for Her to know Her condition , but she loves Jesus and has a smile on her face all the time that encourages me everyday when my ailments act up ?

    Blessings and thanks forthe prayers.

  30. 30

    Terry said,

    Good morning amazing grace man. I hope that everything is going well with you and that you will soon have your arms around your grandson. Everybody’s praying for both him and Taylor…Love Terry

    PS..You say that Princess didn’t want any of his auntie’s hugs. Well see if I give her anymore sour apple sauce!! The nerve!!
    I will just have to save my hugs for Adi whenever I see her!!!
    Oh yes there is a new doggie in town, name of Sheeba. Maybe she will take some of my Canadian hugs Princess!

  31. 31

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry,

    I seen Cole today and he was doing fairly good ! As a matter of fact all of them spent two thirds of the day with me ! I thank everybody for their prayers !

    Princess said that she didn’t need any hugs from you that her uncle Bernie will give her a hug ? When I told her that you said you wasn’t gona give her anymore sour apple sauce she stood up on her back legs and did a little dance with joy ?

    She said she was not worried about Adi or that new little doggy in town that she would just manipulate them ?

    Blessings Ron.

  32. 32

    amycloud said,

    Still praying for you and Cole and the family.

  33. 33

    rrbj said,

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for your prayers. I hope you and family enjoy your deserving visit with your family !


  34. 34

    Terry said,

    Good morning amazing grace man…Just popping in to say hi and to tell you that I am thinking about you.
    Hope you are feeling less pain.
    Still praying for Cole and Taylor.
    Thanks for all of the nice weather you are sending our way, although we COULD do without all the extra rain! Don’t really need it, seeing as Ontario has closed down a lot of farmers corn fields. For what ever for, I don’t know!
    It is Gracey’s birthday this Saturday. She will be 50! She is catching up to her mean old Canadian sister….
    Well take care and tell that Princess that she is a real snob!!!..Love Terry

  35. 35

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry,


    Yes a little bit but I got so many I don’t know which to complain about ? Cole is still a little weak but doing ok.

    I been enjoying the rain showers late in the evening , helping to cool down 95 to 100 degree temps.

    Tell Gracey happy birthday for me and as for princess she said sticks and stones bruise her bones but them harsh words don’t even phase her ? But she has been known to hold a grudge ?


  36. 36

    audrey` said,

    Hi Grandpaw

    How is Cole?
    How about Taylor?

    We’re still praying for both of them.
    Take care.

  37. 37

    Terry said,

    Dear amazing grace man..I know that you like the rain to cool you down.
    But isn’t the dampness hard on your arthritis?
    I feel so bad for you. Did you try that Indian rub that I told you about?

    Yes, I will tell Gracey that you said Happy Birthday to her.
    I was jus talking to her. She doesn’t know it but we are having a surprise birthday party for her at her son Eric’s house. We all have to be there at four and they have invited her over fro 4:30 Whenever Grace is going anywhere, she is always late. Just watch her Grqndpaw…This time she will be early!!
    Tell Princess that if she had treated me a little better the last week. I would of got Adi to fly the two of you over for the birthday party. I am pretty sure there will be a lot of fresh fruit that she would have enjoyed!! Well it serves her right!!…Love Terry

  38. 38

    Terry said,

    You may as well tell Princess that there WAS fresh fruit there!
    Peaches and grapes and cherries but they were mixed into a marshmallow gook and I never liked it.
    This mean old Canadian lady was getting too tired and so was Mom Golden, so we left the party before the birthday cake was served!!!
    Say hi to your Papa and tell me when you are over your sulking, eh?…Love from Terry

  39. 39

    rrbj said,

    Hi Audrey,

    Cole’s still having stomach problems and getting sick at his stomach! Taylor’s doing pretty good as long as she takes her chemo when needed to balance her blood cells !

    Hows your Dad coming along and how are ya’ll doing ?


  40. 40

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry,
    or should I say “mean old canadian lady ” !

    I still like the rain cause the heat shuts my body down , I would rather put up with my joints hurting ? Either way I lose ? No I haven’t got any of that indian rub yet !

    Going home early , then you was a party pooper ? I hope you didn’t hurt nobody’s feelings when you said you didn’t like that fruit gook with marshmellows ? I guess you gettin back mean again ! I hope you didn’t hurt Mom Golden’s feelings by making her go home early ?

    I hope Gracey had a happy birthday and got lots of presents ? Princess said if you wasn’t mean you could have sent her some fruit and you hurt her feelings saying bad things about her ? She said that while I’m gone to church tomorrow she would pray for you ?


  41. 41

    Terry said,

    Thanks for the information about Cole’s birthday amazing grace man.
    August 2 is Jel’s birthday and the little guy’s is August 3, eh?
    Well we will do something nice up for him..Thanks.
    It is too late at night to be mean so that is why I am going to let sleeping dogs lie..[Princess!]…Love Terry

  42. 42

    rrbj said,

    Morning ” mean ole Canadian lady ”

    You are quiet welcome for the info.

    I told princess what you said ! She told me to tell you don’t push her to fer cause she knew Mr Bernie’s telephone number and she will call him collect ?


  43. 43

    Terry said,

    Good morning yourself amazing grace man….You can just tell that Princess that she can save a whole lot of money by just calling Bernie direct because it is free long distance!
    But it won’t do her any good anyway because Bernie is on two week holiday and I have him working for me from morning to night!….Love Terry

  44. 44

    rrbj said,

    Hey MR Bernie,

    This is princess praying and wishing you good luck , and maybe that mean ole lady won’t read this before you take action but I invite you to runaway for 2 weeks at least and you come and visit me ? I’ll contact Judge Judy if you need assistance ?

    You are a great man because you have to be to be connected to that ole mean lady this many years ?

    Blessings to you .
    from : princess — grandpaw — Ron.

  45. 45

    Bernie said,

    Hi Santa Clause!.
    That mean ole Canadian wife of mine gave me a five minute break so I could answer your comment.
    She is the nicest person you could ever meet. I am holidays and she has not given me one moment to be bored!
    She has created so many jobs for me and Shop because she does not want us to be in her hair. All she wants to do is write on the commuter!!
    from the head of the house, Bernie…Yeh I am the head all right, but she is the neck…”Turn this way..Turn that!!. .Sorry SC and Princess, my time is up! Back to the drawing board!

    PS That Cole and Taylor are the sweetest kids!

  46. 46

    rrbj said,

    Hello Bernie,

    I’ts good to hear from you ? I was beginning to believe you didn’t exist ? She made you work all the time and I never heard from you , only what she wanted me to know ? I’m almost convinced that she’s writing this nice comment and giving the credit to you ????

    For one thing if you wrote the line about her being the nicest person did she have the rolling pin in her hand ? Then you made it sound like all the jobs she created > you was enjoying I believe and about that last paragraph > How do you take all that verbal abuse ?

    Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts for Cole and Taylor ?

    Blessings to you and if we never meet here on earth I’ll catch you by the river of Eternal life !
    Santa Clause .

  47. 47

    Terry said,

    Dear amazing grace man. I suppose you didn’t even notice when that Princess snuck out in the wee small hours of the morning.
    Adi’s air balloon wouldn’t have made a sound.
    I guess the girls are both home now but they did have quite an adventure and made it over to Jel’s in time to wish her a Happy Birthday and Jel gave them each a bowl of canned sour apple sauce for their troubles!
    Yes, that Princess certainly is a sly one!..Love Terry

  48. 48

    rrbj said,

    “Mean ole Canadian Lady ”

    You have done it again — not that I wouldn’t mind her going but in my search for her I fell out the doorsteps ? Didn’t hurt nothing but my pride — I guess this old folks spread that I inherited provided enough cushion besides I fell over in the hedge, that helped to .

    You have got her grounded to and now she cain’t even ride to the bread store now ???

    Blessings and praying you all have a great Lords Day !

  49. 49

    Yeh…I reckoned that as soon as Cole was improving that I would go back to being a mean ole Canadian lady.
    Sorry about the fall. Good thing that Princess wasn’t there when THAT happened. She would have been made flatter than a pancake!.
    How come the only spread that we inherit form our old folks is only a cushion to protect us from falls.
    I mean a little bread would be a whole lot better inheritance, eh?
    Ha!!! Good ole Princess is grounded!!!.
    You have a great Sunday too amazing grace man…Love Terry

  50. 50

    rrbj said,

    BTW–Cause Its Sunday I’m trying to refrain from Judgeing someone ?
    Hi Terry,

    Good to hear from you . Its been a blessing to meet Bernie , He’s such a nice fellow ? I have not heard nothing but good words from him ?

    Terry you are getting good at instigating all kinds of things . I guess you do enough of goods things on your blog I guess I’ll have to keep you as a friend ? Princess did smile when I told her what you said ?


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