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    Good Morning ?

      Hello , First let me introduce myself ? I’m grandpaw Ron’s uncle Bubba ! I’ve lived on Fortieth and Plum all my life ! [ Thats 40 miles up the river plum back in the woods ? ]  Since Fay has visited I’ve enjoyed having plenty to eat because of high water all around my Crib ? The delicacy’s I’ve enjoyed are > Plenty of Frog Legs — Alligator steaks — A couple of rattlesnake steaks — Plenty of Catfish which I caught with my toes dangling off my porch in the water — No new Taters to go with all them delicacy’s cause the barn I stored the Taters in floated down the river ? == With all them promises Mr Obama promised us geninue Americans last night in his speech , He seems to be something sent from God above ? I just cain’t believe that He will full fill them promises with out The Masters touch ? Fay was sent with the Masters touch and He forgets about the word written in 2ND THESSALONIANS CHAP. 3 VERSE 10 ?? His message was saying that everything  that we don’t allready have in our ‘ Want LIST  ” that our Govt. was going to hand out all ages and not just senior citizens that so dearly need the Help ? 

     That is only more encouraging promises to the Younger Generation that they don’t have to worrying about finding a Job ?  [ An example is go out and buy things to keep up with the ” Joneses ” and forget about your basic needs , such as food – medication – and taking care of our own Family ?? 

     That is what our Country was founded on –Men working hard and putting their God and Familes first !!  Enough rambling now to let ya’ll know about Grandpaw Ron.

      As you know on Fri. two weeks ago they amputated 1/2 half of His right index finger and on this past Wed . 8-27-08 they managed to save thumb after splitting it open and scraping all the gunk out ?  Just gona take time to get back normal again but I know that I have selected The best to lead and guide me ?

     Blessings to all .


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Just a short post about my experience ?                 This past week was quite an experience ! I haven’t ever had sugery but two times in my life , once when I was 5 years old I had a tonsilectomy and in 1998 had surgery in my left arm to clean out the bugs and that is all ?

 I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes ! This mornings Doctor’s visit the Doctor said it was healing just fine ! I know that this has been one of the oddest weeks in my life ? First I have to get used to my long time friend [ all my life ] not being there ? When you are right handed your left hand only serves as a back up for your right hand ! Just yesterday 2 times my ignorance caught up with me and I bumped it hard enough to cry or cuss , but just decided to sing Jesus Loves Me . My friends don’t you ever believe for one minute that Our Shepherd don’t guard His Flock ! I have felt his presence many times in my life but never as much as I have this week ? I know He has helped me several days with my pain ? I am so blessed to Have Jesus in my life and so many of my friends and church family that I love very much !


     This beautiful picture is compliments of two of my fellow church members that have been close friends for over 45 years ? Every summer they work in a resort in Montana ! Both are retired school employes ?


     As you view this picture imagine The Shepherd sitting on top of that mountain and watching over His Flock and watching over one of His wooliest children [ Me ] ? Below is a few good words  ?


        The one who loves me most — even at my wooliest –is My Shepherd ! It was in such a ” wooly ” time that He helped me see how much He really loves His Sheep . All of my daily adventures and hardships causes me to leap into the Shepherds open arms and trust Him for dear life ! I hope you find the same encouragement I find in Him and you’ll be encouraged by His Faithfulness Too !




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True Old Fashioned Love In Disguise ?

I got an email the other day and after I read it I visioned The Mean Old Canadian Lady after I read Her blog [ ] As being full of God’s Love ?  I have come to love Bernie and Terry and appreciate their friendship ?

    When some read our comments at each other one might think that we are enemy’s ? But we ain’t !!

   Terry is a wonderful person that just wants to put a smile on so many people’s face and I don’t see where she finds time to do all that she does ?

    Princess drew this the other day and ask me to post this for Mr Bernie and to tell him that don’t worry about the broom that She knew Mrs Terry was just showing some good old fashioned love ? He had a couple of weeks of vacation and Mrs terry had already planned his Honey–Do list the first day ? He has not even had time to spend any quality time  with Shopper [ His cat ] ? I hope he makes it to the door in time ?

     I want to share another blog that I love to read that will bless you each day ?  ? It is about good Christain Folks sharing God’s Love from all over the world ?

      Blessings to all .


      Btw — Click on picture to enlarge ?   


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