Just a short post about my experience ?                 This past week was quite an experience ! I haven’t ever had sugery but two times in my life , once when I was 5 years old I had a tonsilectomy and in 1998 had surgery in my left arm to clean out the bugs and that is all ?

 I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes ! This mornings Doctor’s visit the Doctor said it was healing just fine ! I know that this has been one of the oddest weeks in my life ? First I have to get used to my long time friend [ all my life ] not being there ? When you are right handed your left hand only serves as a back up for your right hand ! Just yesterday 2 times my ignorance caught up with me and I bumped it hard enough to cry or cuss , but just decided to sing Jesus Loves Me . My friends don’t you ever believe for one minute that Our Shepherd don’t guard His Flock ! I have felt his presence many times in my life but never as much as I have this week ? I know He has helped me several days with my pain ? I am so blessed to Have Jesus in my life and so many of my friends and church family that I love very much !


     This beautiful picture is compliments of two of my fellow church members that have been close friends for over 45 years ? Every summer they work in a resort in Montana ! Both are retired school employes ?


     As you view this picture imagine The Shepherd sitting on top of that mountain and watching over His Flock and watching over one of His wooliest children [ Me ] ? Below is a few good words  ?


        The one who loves me most — even at my wooliest –is My Shepherd ! It was in such a ” wooly ” time that He helped me see how much He really loves His Sheep . All of my daily adventures and hardships causes me to leap into the Shepherds open arms and trust Him for dear life ! I hope you find the same encouragement I find in Him and you’ll be encouraged by His Faithfulness Too !





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  1. 1

    jel said,

    Hey Grandpaw,

    glad to hear it is healing good. 😉

    but be careful ,

    take care

  2. 2

    Terry said,

    Daer amazing grace man…I am putting this on both blogs..
    Thanks for the update. I am so happy…love Terry

  3. 3

    kc said,

    Bro. Ron we’re so thankful you’re healing well. This post is such a wonderful testimony. We pray God continues to keep you so close.


    kc & Corry

  4. 4

    donna said,

    This is great news !!!
    God is awesome

  5. 5

    selahV said,

    Okay, Ron. I’m missing something here in the translation. What happened to your arm and when? Is there another post I’m suppose to be looking at? selahV

  6. 6

    rrbj said,

    Hi– Jel– Terry– Donna– KC– Mrs. Hariette ,

    Thanks very much for the prayers and well wishes !

    Mrs. Selah V I didn’t feel like making a separate post the first of last week about my index finger and if you will start on comment number 8 of my last post you can read about my experience with my index finger on my right hand ? Hadn’t felt like much typing because my right hand is real sore ?


  7. 7

    Terry said,

    HI amazing grace man….So glad to hear your voice again but please don’t overdo it!
    Did you see the song I put on for you, my dear friend?
    Your brother, Mr. Cloud has been so faithful at letting us know how you are! You have a fine set of friends Grandpaw Ron and you are everyone’s friend!…..Love Terry

    PS Oh perish the thought! …. So is Princess!!

  8. 8

    gordoncloud said,

    Hey, Bro. Ron, I hope you are doing well today. Try to stay high and dry!

  9. 9

    Terry said,

    Guess what amazing grace man?…Bernie [with a lot of my help of course] finally got the van fixed…Oh yes with a lot of your praying too….Love Terry

    PS Good thing too,eh because this taxi was going to go on strike come Monday!

  10. 10

    selahV said,

    Bless your heart. bless, bless, bless your finger. I’m so sorry. yowouch! selahV

  11. 11

    jel said,

    Hi Grandpaw!

    how is your owie doing 😕 , and are ya having to tread water down there?

    take care 😉

  12. 12

    amycloud said,

    Bro. Ron, I hope you are feeling better. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Did you stay dry? Blessings

  13. 13

    Terry said,

    Dear amazing grace man. I keep trying to email you but the mail keeps coming back!
    I wanted to respond to the funny forward you sent about” the computer swallowed Gramma”.
    Well here is my answer…I suppose what you would really love amazing grace man is for the computer to swallow the mean ole Canadian woman but that will never happen because she is too fat!!…Love Terry..
    PS Now the team is praying for you thumb!

  14. 14

    rrbj said,

    Hello Everybody,

    Thanks for yourprayers and good wishes . Things have been gloomy the last few days ! I feel pretty rough and don’t know whether to run away or try to climb a tree at times ?

    I will try to post tomorrow on my two long time friends ? Index finger and its cousin the thumb ? Seems strange cause they been with me all my life , I hope my toes don’t get to lonely cause I cain’t scratch them now ?


  15. 15

    Terry said,

    Dear amazing grace man…I feel sad for you and I just wish that the Lord will answer our prayers and take away the pain. I know though that he does feel your pain and He never leaves your side. I know that Princess never leaves your side either And your friends will be on the side praying for you!…Love Terry

  16. 16

    audrey` said,

    Praying for you, Grandpaw Ron =)

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