Good Morning ?

      Hello , First let me introduce myself ? I’m grandpaw Ron’s uncle Bubba ! I’ve lived on Fortieth and Plum all my life ! [ Thats 40 miles up the river plum back in the woods ? ]  Since Fay has visited I’ve enjoyed having plenty to eat because of high water all around my Crib ? The delicacy’s I’ve enjoyed are > Plenty of Frog Legs — Alligator steaks — A couple of rattlesnake steaks — Plenty of Catfish which I caught with my toes dangling off my porch in the water — No new Taters to go with all them delicacy’s cause the barn I stored the Taters in floated down the river ? == With all them promises Mr Obama promised us geninue Americans last night in his speech , He seems to be something sent from God above ? I just cain’t believe that He will full fill them promises with out The Masters touch ? Fay was sent with the Masters touch and He forgets about the word written in 2ND THESSALONIANS CHAP. 3 VERSE 10 ?? His message was saying that everything  that we don’t allready have in our ‘ Want LIST  ” that our Govt. was going to hand out all ages and not just senior citizens that so dearly need the Help ? 

     That is only more encouraging promises to the Younger Generation that they don’t have to worrying about finding a Job ?  [ An example is go out and buy things to keep up with the ” Joneses ” and forget about your basic needs , such as food – medication – and taking care of our own Family ?? 

     That is what our Country was founded on –Men working hard and putting their God and Familes first !!  Enough rambling now to let ya’ll know about Grandpaw Ron.

      As you know on Fri. two weeks ago they amputated 1/2 half of His right index finger and on this past Wed . 8-27-08 they managed to save thumb after splitting it open and scraping all the gunk out ?  Just gona take time to get back normal again but I know that I have selected The best to lead and guide me ?

     Blessings to all .



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  1. 1

    GordonCloud said,

    Bro. Ron, these are good thoughts on Obama’s speech. I felt like he missed a golden opportunity to rise above politics and really deliver a historic message.

    I’m sorry to hear about your continued troubles with your hand. We are praying for you and if you need me for anything, don’t hesitate to call.

  2. 2

    rrbj said,

    Bro. Gordon,

    I have noticed how every speech that Obama has started off with is telling how He revived The South Side Of Chicago ? [ As He did it all ???] Me being born before the middle of last century I firmly remember how The unions would strike for more money for their work in steel mines and assembly lines and The y seem to rise above the South as for as the wealth of each family was concerened ? I know there was much talk about how poor the South was ? Above the Mason Dixon Line was considered a choice place to live while below the line was poverty and they looked down on us ?? Do The people up north in the Unions realize they priced themselves out of a job ? We down south have and will always be the backbone of The Song ,A Country Boy can Survive ??

    That is why I say that Obama should read 2nd Thessolonians chapter 3 verse 10 because it clearly says that ” If a Man wants To Eat Then He needs to Work ??? ” I have wondered how much of Obama ‘s fortune He does give to the needy , those that do really need it rather than these that set on their bottoms and hold their hands out ??

    Sorry about the ranting but the younger generation probably does not even think about history made in the fifty’s ?

    Blessings and hope to see you Sunday !

  3. 3

    jel said,

    Grandpaw how is your hand ?

    oh and my husband wants to know how did ya get that pic of him, that ya got here on this here post? 😕

    and it look just like him! 😉

    take care

  4. 4

    rrbj said,

    Hi Janice –Stan,

    Stan some months back Janice posted this picture . She was advertising for sale ? I saved this picture so if you ever needed any help I could come running ? [ just kidding ]

    Janice I wrote a little bit above ? I wrote a little bit more up on Terrys blog ?

    Blessings and wishing you and Stan a blessed weekend !


  5. 5

    Terry said,

    Hi amazing grace man..How nice to hear your voice again and to find out that your thumb is getting better. Did you see the picture and post that Little Montreal Girl put on over at the Pals? Bernie noticed something really good about that picture and I put it on a comment…Really really neat!

    I don’t know a lot about politics but that Mr.Obama kind of scares me!
    Oh well the person that gets voted in will be up to God, eh?

    Love from Terry

    PS Leave those poor little frogs alone! Not nice taking their legs off and eating them..NOT nice!

  6. 6

    rrbj said,

    Morning Terry,

    I usually don’t write my opinions about politics but this election has many different alerts warning we americans of dangers ? Obama’s promises has been explored in many elections and as He says I guarantee to pay the younger generations ventures in colledges and help their small businesses and restore 100’s of jobs make it sound like He’s super human ? He seems to say the South side of Chicago was saved by Him !! Enough I’m Trying hold off typing much because of the pain in my right hand ?

    As for as them frog legs are concerned they taste like chicken and are a delicacy ? Back when my Mom and Dad first got married Dad brought a good mess of them home one day and asked my Mom to fry them up ? She went histerical when they started jumping out of frypan ? She didn’t know that the muscles in their legs and the hot grease would make them do that ?

    grandpaw Ron.

  7. 7

    Terry said,

    Oh the poor little things.!
    If they taste like chicken…eat chicken!
    Yes that guy Mr. Olbama really gives me a scary feeling….
    I remember when Mr. Trudeau was our prime minister, there were lots of jobs out there and some people just didn’t want to work. One time in one of his speeches he told them to get off their fat butts and work and he didn’t say butts either!!!
    If a man doesn’t work then he doesn’t deserve to eat either!…That’s what the Bible says!!…..Love Terry

    PS He doesn’t have to eat frog legs either Grand paw! I am going to sic Princess and Biscuit on you! [not his week but next!]..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 8

    Corry said,

    Hey Grandpaw,

    Sorry to hear about your thumb, but I am grateful they could save it and you don’t have to say goodbye to another long life friend.

    Have a very blessed weekend.

    Hugs from the boys!

    God’s Grace.

  9. 9

    rrbj said,

    Hi Corry,

    Thanks and I hope ya’ll doing ok . Enjoyed the story about my lit’l buddy ditching his diaper ! Give them a hug back for me !

    PS — I meant what I said about ya’ll are welcome if Gustav makes ya’ll have to evacuate . Bring the boys to and their mom and dad ?

  10. 10

    jel said,

    Hey Grandpaw,
    thanks a lot For telling him ! 😕

    you men ! 😉

    hope your feeling better!

  11. 11

    rrbj said,

    Hi Janice,

    If we rednecks don’t stick together then we could wind up with a Democratic something or other ??


  12. 12

    audrey` said,

    Take care, Grandpaw Ron =)

  13. 13

    gordoncloud said,

    Hey, Bro. Ron. Just wanted to drop you a line and say we missed you yesterday. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    God bless.

  14. 14

    selahV said,

    Bless your heart. How you are managing to type is amazing. I’d be whining. selahV

  15. 15

    rrbj said,

    Hello–Mrs Audrey–Bro. Gordon–Mrs Hariette ,

    Thanks Audrey I can use all THE PRAYERS i CAN GET !

    Bro. Gordon I sure miss seeing ya’ll to ? I was gona try to make it to Sunday School but I couldn’t get things to work out ? Couldn’t make it to 5th Sunday sing either as bad as I wanted to go . It was one of them decisions that proved to be the right one ?

    Mrs. Hariette glad you stopped by and thanks for the thoughts ? Did you copy that phrase I’d Be Whining out of one of your feminine post ? [ He-He-] When I type very much my whole hand gets sore ?

    grandpaw &

  16. 16

    Terry said,

    Hi amazing grace man…Just popping by to see how you are doing and here you sit still wiggling your toes!
    Hope that the pain is leaving your hand. I think that you should take it easy on typing too much. Just know that we are all thinking about you all the time!…..Love Terry

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