Concerned Citizen !!!— ??

      A few years back during a construction project near the Capitol an Archeological team was summoned in Washington DC and what they uncovered was 100’s of old Bones and Fossill remains of what is believed to be some of the First Politicians ?

     I wonder if their were more Democrats or more Republicans ? I wonder how many may have >

                       Disturbed you ,

                       Troubled you , 

                       Pestered you ,

                       Irritated you ,

                       Bugged you , 

  or got on your nerves with all the promises they talk about ? I am not ashamed to say what party I’m in favor of ? I don’t wear my grievances on my shoulder as I have seen many do ! I just try to >

               Live simply,

               Love generously,

               Care deeply ,

               Speak kindly ,

               And Leave the rest to ” God ” .

   I think while the Macain camp is gaining ground as the media has said and all that is for the Macain camp ask God to continue to lead our great country ?

    I think the little fellow is on the campaign trail and expresses who is the best candidate and VP to elect ?





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  1. 1

    Gordon Cloud said,

    That is too funny, Bro. Ron.

  2. 2

    amycloud said,

    Thanks for the big laugh, Bro. Ron. Great post! Blessings.

  3. 3

    Corry said,

    That is funny! I suppose lil Kc would rephrase it like this: The big mess on my Mom’s foot, is nothing compared to…. etc.

    Have a very blessed day, Grandpaw!

    God’s Grace.

  4. 4

    audrey` said,

    This is so funny, Grandpaw =)

  5. 5

    Nephos said,

    That first picture is some of the best political commentary I’ve heard in a long time. Now people around me are wondering why I laughed out loud.

  6. 6

    rrbj said,

    Hi Bro. Gordon,

    There are many assumes that you could get out of this post ? How about that serious look on the guys face ?


  7. 7

    rrbj said,

    Hi Amy,

    Glad you got a good chuckle ! Take care of the new additions to the family !


  8. 8

    rrbj said,

    Hi Corry,

    We would have to make a new t-shirt then , that would say at the bottom of t-shirt that said ” If you don’t believe me ask my Mom ?

    ” Happy Birthday To You ” You are still a young lady ?


  9. 9

    rrbj said,

    Hi Audrey,

    I knew you could use a good laugh ?


  10. 10

    rrbj said,

    Hi Cameron,

    I though that the first pict. said it all when it comes to the lies and promises that we have to listen to in polictical campaigning ? I hope T. S. don’t get His feelings hurt if He reads this post ?

    I just heard Sen. Obama saying that you can put lipstick on a pig and its still a pig ?


  11. 11

    Terry said,

    Aw amazing grace man…Now tell me how could such a sweet looking little angel like this have a mess in his pants?…… And which little piggy is putting on lipstick? Oh the shame of it all!!!Love Terry

  12. 12

    rrbj said,

    Morning Terry,

    Remembering Betty and family !

    Obama was just saying bad things about Sarah Palin when she said what the difference was between a hockey mom and her ? She said just the lipstick ? In Obama’s statement He was insinuating Palin was a pig ?


  13. 13

    jel said,

    that a good one Grandpaw,

  14. 14

    rrbj said,

    Hi Janice,

    Glad to see ya’ hows you been doing . Me is still having trouble with my thumb but my index finger is doing ok ?


  15. 15

    jel said,

    hey grandpaw,
    sorry to hear that your thumb giving ya trouble! 😦

    how have i been doing? hanging on a wing and a prayer :/ or somnthing like that! 😉

  16. 16

    rrbj said,

    Hi Janice,

    Just don’t turn loose of the wing and keep on praying , He’s listening ?

    The Doctor is going to have to cut and scrape my right thumb again teusday ? Getting tired of hurting and sore fingers ?

    Blessings and wishing you have a good Lord’s day !

  17. 17

    gordoncloud said,

    Hey, Bro. Ron. We missed you yesterday. I’m sory to hear you are still having trouble with your thumb. We will definitely be praying for you. If you need me for anything, just let me know.

  18. 18

    rrbj said,

    Morning Bro. Gordon,

    I missed everybody too ! It was another one of those days ? My right thumb started acting up again last teusday and just about hurt and throbed since then ? I go back to the doctor tomorrowfor a routine check on my fingers and I guess he’l be supprised to know he’l have to redo my thumb ?


  19. 19

    Terry said,

    Dear amazing grace man…I am praying for you today that the doctor will be albe to do something for your aching thumb… We need you !!We all do!…Love Terry

  20. 20

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry,

    Sorry to hear about Betty . I’ll keep praying and hope every thing will be alright. I told the Doctor this morning that I thought He was hungry , so I brought him some more business ?

    grandpaw Ron.

  21. 21

    Terry said,

    Dear amazing grace man. Yeh you told the doctor he was hungry but what about your thumb. Is it OK or what?
    Betty was doing fine yesterday. Even though she needs the pace maker, her main wish is to just get it over with so she can come home!!!
    Thanks for your faithful prayers. Do you understand how much we really need you Granpaw???…Love Terry

  22. 22

    rrbj said,

    Morning Terry,

    Just be patient with Bettys situation , it will always work out for the good ? God knows what He’s doing in His plan.

    My thumb should be alright in a few days . I still got about 97 percent of it left ? It don’t hurt no more ! Now I’ll be climbing the walls again as soon as the soreness leaves my hand ?

    About the doctor being hungry , I just wanted to make sure He stayed healthy cause I might need Him again ! [ long range planning ]

    grandpaw ron.

  23. 23

    Terry said,

    Dear amazing grace man…Of course you are right
    Betty is going to be OK.
    I am so glad that your thumb is getting better. We all need you so much and we need your advice and your prayers….Love Terry

    How has that bad girl Princess been these days?
    I think that poor little Adi is stuck in the flood waters in Texas…But she is a wonderful swimmer!

  24. 24

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry,

    Well I’m getting involved in a new adventure ? The surprises just keep on coming ? I let my ignorance catch me this morning when I went into the kitchen to throw away something in the trash can ? I guess I should have skipped instead of hopped cause my right foot got caught on the corner of a piece of 12 by 12 piece of tile and landed on the floor on my left hip which since about 10 o’clock this morning has been hurting badly ? I guess if it ain’t any better in the morning I might have to go and get a once over with the machine that has got x–ray vision to see if I turned anything upside down and need a repair job ?? Its pure torture sitting here and answering your comment !

    Glad to hear about the progress with Betty’s pacemaker and still remembering ya’ll in my prayers ? Also Dad Golden too !

    grandpaw ron.

  25. 25

    Terry said,

    Oh Grandpaw…I never rains but it pours, eh? You have to be more careful!
    I just had the chance to do come checking up on you and here you are hurting again!!
    This is too sad!
    Are you all right now? Let me know….Love Terry

  26. 26

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry,

    I’m glad Betty is doing better , She will be up and about before you know it ?

    As for me I am so sore in my knees and legs and my left hip ! I don’t know which is worse falling like I did or playing on the railroad tracks and letting the train run over me ? Princess is doing ok just worrying about me ? Since I fell she won’t let me get out of her sight ? I should be alright in a few days if I don’t let my ignorance catch up with me again ? I have to move around real slow but the more I practice the quicker I’ll get well ?

    grandpaw ron.

  27. 27

    Terry said,

    You are a good man Grandpaw and Princess is a good dog!
    Betty is home now and guess who is looking after her? Her doggie Molly!…

    How is it that as soon as you get better and I am just waiting to pick on you as the mean old Canadian lady, you go and hurt yourself again??
    Not fair!….Love Terry

  28. 28

    rrbj said,

    Hi mean ole canadian lady ,

    You just got lucky again cause I’m sitting here fussing with my body cause I can’t get it to do what I want it to do without pain ? I like being mischevious every now and then ? I just love to help Bernie out every once in a while fussing with you so He can find a little peace of mind ? I’ll bet shopper cain’t wait for you to go to bed every night ?

    grandpaw Ron.

  29. 29

    Terry said,

    Hi amazing grace man my grandpaw Ron….I am still thinking about you and your pain and I hope that I will be hearing the good news soon that you are all right.
    Betty is doing fine. She just has to get one of her pills straitened out.
    I am going to be off line for a couple of days because Bernie has to work on a couple of our computers.
    I will be thinking of you and Princess and Biscuit. You mind that you three stay out of trouble now and get lots of rest so that you will be healed and then I can start picking on you again!…..Love Terry

    PS Bernie and the cat are sound asleep and snoring..

  30. 30

    audrey` said,

    How are you, Grandpaw?

    I’m so sorry for being away for so long.
    I was just being lazy ^grin^

    Take care.

  31. 31

    rrbj said,

    Hi Terry,

    I certainly am hoping the same thing for me to cause its been to long without something wrong with me ? I’m on the upward swing now and if I can just not let my ignorance catch up with me again and mop the floor with my bottom ? That hurts ????
    Blessings to you and Bernie and wishing ya’ll a blessed Lords Day !

    Mrs Audrey ,

    I just thought you had gone fishing or just taking a vacation ? I been having bad luck with my fingers for the last 6 weeks and last Friday a week ago I fell between my kitchen and living room floor and hurt my left hip when I hit the floor ! Just getting to feel better !
    Blessings and wishing you a blessed Lords Day .
    grandpaw ron .

  32. 32

    terry said,

    hiya grandpaw…this mean old canadian lady is gonna’ get a whole lot meaner if norton ant virus gives me any more trouble. i want to change to another program and they won’ let me uninstall thiers!! roar!!!!!!!
    i dont like lap tops…..god’s blessings…love terry

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