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The Evidence Will Explain The Years ?

        A message to the youngins this pict explains it all ?

     Blessings To all those young at Heart ?

     Grandpaw Ron.

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Grandma’s Secret !

       Important information during pie baking season?

    Grandma sharing her secrets in a fun way while making pies ! If you can’t read just click on picture to enlarge .

    Blessings and wishing a lot of fun time with Grandchildren !

     Grandpaw Ron.


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Did Ya’ll Miss Me ~I Missed Ya’ll ?

    If Ya’ll see that mean ole canadian lady  “Terry” tell her I’m Looking for   Her

         Blessings and wishing everyone a blessed Sunday !

         Grandpaw Ron.

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Do You Rely On Your Humility Or Gods Humility ?

   We as humans often demonstrates our self made humility and seek glory for ourselves and forget to realize that God gave us humility to seek Glory for Him !

    In the picture below the turtle is a good demonstration which the turtle made sure that he got full recognition for his clever thinking !


Blessings To All and a blessed Christmas with Jesus as the centerpiece

     Grandpaw Ron

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