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Did Ya’ll Miss Me ~I Missed Ya’ll ?

    If Ya’ll see that mean ole canadian lady  “Terry” tell her I’m Looking for   Her

         Blessings and wishing everyone a blessed Sunday !

         Grandpaw Ron.

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Little Bit Of Everything ?

mama-merinda-jpeg-2  Hey everyone Hope your day is going good ? Just gona share a few things in the Life of   this old man with a heart that is still young ? I want to share a picture of my sister’s baby brother and My Mom and                                my sister !

Next and I hope it shows up good is my 4 grand children from left to right !Is Noah–Taylor-Brittani–Cole which I have custody of the two girls and their Papa-Dwight has the two boys ?

    grandchildren0002-11 Next is a cartoon ?


      If this post does not look right blame wordpress for chaning and not informing this computer illiterate old man ??

            Blessings .


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My Grandaughters .

God never quits amazing us and blessings us ? I believe HE new exactlt what I needed to give me inspiration andmotivation in life ? He blessed me with 2 grandaughters which I love dearly that came to live with me on December 12th ! The decision came without choice but God knew what to do in their lives ! He knew I was the only choice between going to unknown Foster parents somewhere in Georgia or blessing me with them ?


    This is a picture Christmas morning which I wasn’t able to give them presents ? Thanks to my children and other grandparents and aunt and their stepdad  God showed His love and mercy by them coming forward and sharing with these girls ? Cole and Noah was able to exchange gifts with them ! The other set of grandparents are blessed with Cole and Noah with who will live with them ? I am so thankful that they and me was able to keep the children from being scattered around in the State of Georgia !

    You can tell in the picture they had a fun Christmas morning ? Brittani [left] Taylor on the right ! Again God has proved He’s in charge ?


    Blessings and Happy New Year to all !


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     If the auto industry don’t get their bailout money , this is a model of what they will manufactor cause they will have to make adjustments in material costs ?? 

    It has been rumored they will call it the exercise mobile ? This might be a good thing for a lot of people that don’t exercise enough !  My question is what are big families going to do about enough room for family ? I guess they will have to purchase two of them to keep the disagreements down on who will drive ? For folks like me they will have to add training wheels since I cain’t walk around that good  without my cane ??

      What are your thoughts on this new model ?



      My neighbor has been training His new puppy some new tricks !





   Some of the group that is watching is a little mischevious >


     Blessings and wishing everyone a happy holiday season !


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ReDnEcK ChRiStMaS TRee !


       My Name is Uncle Bubba. I am grandpaw ron’s Great Uncle ?  I know I’m his favorite Uncle cause He’s shared this photo with ya’ll before ?att00049As you know us redneck’s like to share our knowledge with the world because we know how to live cheap ? The economy is going to be bad this Christmas and most Children  will not be able to receive the gifts they normally do ?

       Since my favorite beverage is Diet Dew I come up with this brilliant idea to save some money ? If you examine these instrutions closely it will be a breeze to assembly one of your own ? This is the beginning ?


  Warning  !! You must have a geneis qualities ? ThIS IS THE SECOND STEP >


    This is the third step ? LOOKING GOOD ? >image0033

    This Is The Fourth Step ! Getting Interesting ain’t it ?


     Begining to look real good ? I was running low on cans but all them chillens was able to help ? The fifth step is next ?>


     Wow !! Starting to really look Good ! Coming up is the 6th and final step ?


    Its amazing what God has blessed us with ! Beautiful creation full of all kind of people made all kind of ways ? But at this joyous season that is approaching is another chance that God give’s us to come together in peace and harmony and love our neighbor and praise His Name ? Since money is is going to be short this Christmas season why not show more love than ever before and pray to God to supply our needs ! He will always be Faithful ?

        Let’s not forget the reason for the Season.

godbetheglory170  AMEN & AMEN !


       Blessings to everyone and HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND MERRY CHRISTMAS !



       BTW—-Its never to early to start Praising God ?

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Life Is Confusing If You Ain’t On The Right Page !!

   I’m not a complete idiot—Some parts is just missing out of my mind ? Be back in 5 minutes ? Have you ever thought about this  ?


    Its kind of bad to think like that with the economy crisis like it is ?  I think ever body involved stopped thinking and forgot to start again ?


       Just listening to some of the interviews with Gov. Palin being pressured , do you suppose she might get this attitude ? 


    The trouble with life is there’s no background music ? Some times I smile because I don’t know what the heck is going on ? 


     Some politicians think that they think my mind  >>>


      Some people just say all kinds of things about me and now some of my party along with the other party don’t really know how my mind works and they think they know what is in my mind and my heart ?  They just want me to quietly do as this lady is trying to do ?


      I think that they are calling it  P-M-S- because mad cow disease was already taken ??? I think everyone is just upset because I’m a lady and they think I’m imposing on a man’s job ? Ya’ll just hang in there and enjoy the ride with the new adventures of ole Gov. Palin !!

        Blessings and have a good day ?


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Concerned Citizen !!!— ??

      A few years back during a construction project near the Capitol an Archeological team was summoned in Washington DC and what they uncovered was 100’s of old Bones and Fossill remains of what is believed to be some of the First Politicians ?

     I wonder if their were more Democrats or more Republicans ? I wonder how many may have >

                       Disturbed you ,

                       Troubled you , 

                       Pestered you ,

                       Irritated you ,

                       Bugged you , 

  or got on your nerves with all the promises they talk about ? I am not ashamed to say what party I’m in favor of ? I don’t wear my grievances on my shoulder as I have seen many do ! I just try to >

               Live simply,

               Love generously,

               Care deeply ,

               Speak kindly ,

               And Leave the rest to ” God ” .

   I think while the Macain camp is gaining ground as the media has said and all that is for the Macain camp ask God to continue to lead our great country ?

    I think the little fellow is on the campaign trail and expresses who is the best candidate and VP to elect ?




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    Good Morning ?

      Hello , First let me introduce myself ? I’m grandpaw Ron’s uncle Bubba ! I’ve lived on Fortieth and Plum all my life ! [ Thats 40 miles up the river plum back in the woods ? ]  Since Fay has visited I’ve enjoyed having plenty to eat because of high water all around my Crib ? The delicacy’s I’ve enjoyed are > Plenty of Frog Legs — Alligator steaks — A couple of rattlesnake steaks — Plenty of Catfish which I caught with my toes dangling off my porch in the water — No new Taters to go with all them delicacy’s cause the barn I stored the Taters in floated down the river ? == With all them promises Mr Obama promised us geninue Americans last night in his speech , He seems to be something sent from God above ? I just cain’t believe that He will full fill them promises with out The Masters touch ? Fay was sent with the Masters touch and He forgets about the word written in 2ND THESSALONIANS CHAP. 3 VERSE 10 ?? His message was saying that everything  that we don’t allready have in our ‘ Want LIST  ” that our Govt. was going to hand out all ages and not just senior citizens that so dearly need the Help ? 

     That is only more encouraging promises to the Younger Generation that they don’t have to worrying about finding a Job ?  [ An example is go out and buy things to keep up with the ” Joneses ” and forget about your basic needs , such as food – medication – and taking care of our own Family ?? 

     That is what our Country was founded on –Men working hard and putting their God and Familes first !!  Enough rambling now to let ya’ll know about Grandpaw Ron.

      As you know on Fri. two weeks ago they amputated 1/2 half of His right index finger and on this past Wed . 8-27-08 they managed to save thumb after splitting it open and scraping all the gunk out ?  Just gona take time to get back normal again but I know that I have selected The best to lead and guide me ?

     Blessings to all .


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Just a short post about my experience ?                 This past week was quite an experience ! I haven’t ever had sugery but two times in my life , once when I was 5 years old I had a tonsilectomy and in 1998 had surgery in my left arm to clean out the bugs and that is all ?

 I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes ! This mornings Doctor’s visit the Doctor said it was healing just fine ! I know that this has been one of the oddest weeks in my life ? First I have to get used to my long time friend [ all my life ] not being there ? When you are right handed your left hand only serves as a back up for your right hand ! Just yesterday 2 times my ignorance caught up with me and I bumped it hard enough to cry or cuss , but just decided to sing Jesus Loves Me . My friends don’t you ever believe for one minute that Our Shepherd don’t guard His Flock ! I have felt his presence many times in my life but never as much as I have this week ? I know He has helped me several days with my pain ? I am so blessed to Have Jesus in my life and so many of my friends and church family that I love very much !


     This beautiful picture is compliments of two of my fellow church members that have been close friends for over 45 years ? Every summer they work in a resort in Montana ! Both are retired school employes ?


     As you view this picture imagine The Shepherd sitting on top of that mountain and watching over His Flock and watching over one of His wooliest children [ Me ] ? Below is a few good words  ?


        The one who loves me most — even at my wooliest –is My Shepherd ! It was in such a ” wooly ” time that He helped me see how much He really loves His Sheep . All of my daily adventures and hardships causes me to leap into the Shepherds open arms and trust Him for dear life ! I hope you find the same encouragement I find in Him and you’ll be encouraged by His Faithfulness Too !




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True Old Fashioned Love In Disguise ?

I got an email the other day and after I read it I visioned The Mean Old Canadian Lady after I read Her blog [ ] As being full of God’s Love ?  I have come to love Bernie and Terry and appreciate their friendship ?

    When some read our comments at each other one might think that we are enemy’s ? But we ain’t !!

   Terry is a wonderful person that just wants to put a smile on so many people’s face and I don’t see where she finds time to do all that she does ?

    Princess drew this the other day and ask me to post this for Mr Bernie and to tell him that don’t worry about the broom that She knew Mrs Terry was just showing some good old fashioned love ? He had a couple of weeks of vacation and Mrs terry had already planned his Honey–Do list the first day ? He has not even had time to spend any quality time  with Shopper [ His cat ] ? I hope he makes it to the door in time ?

     I want to share another blog that I love to read that will bless you each day ?  ? It is about good Christain Folks sharing God’s Love from all over the world ?

      Blessings to all .


      Btw — Click on picture to enlarge ?   


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